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Quote Of The Week: With Investing, Beware TMI (Too Much Information)

Morningstar founder and CEO Joe Mansueto just retired after 33 years. The company he started in his Chicago apartment – and that turned him into a billionaire – is now the go-to source for information and analysis on mutual funds, exchange traded funds and all kinds of investment products in what is now a $16 trillion+ industry. It’s hard […]

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Last Minute IRA Tip: Don’t Let Divorce Derail Your Retirement

Here’s a last minute IRA tip that can help you stay on track for a comfortable retirement: Many divorced people who are receiving alimony neglect to fund their IRAs every year. That’s a mistake, because putting money aside each year into your Traditional or Roth IRA can help you keep your retirement savings on target, and […]

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Fort Lauderdale Real Estate Is Hot, Hot, Hot!

Fort Lauderdale, once known as the nation’s spring-break capital, is now attracting business moguls seeking waterfront footage, tax breaks, beautiful weather, and a quieter scene than Miami’s South Beach. Business writer Robyn Friedman showcased Fort Lauderdale’s new look, and its multi-million dollar real estate properties, in last week’s The Wall Street Journal. Prices continue to rise in […]

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Raising Financially Responsible Kids

Ask any parent what they really want for their kids, and they’ll tell you they want them to be happy. If they could ask for two things, parents would probably say they also want their kids to be financially self-sufficient so they don’t need to struggle or go without. We recently spoke with journalist Alina Tugend […]

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Don’t Fear The Rate Hike

Odds are that the Federal Reserve will raise rates tomorrow afternoon by another quarter point (0.25%) in response to improving economic conditions and a robust job market. Wall Street is eyeing three or four rate hikes in total in 2017, although 2015 and 2016 estimates for multiple increases proved wide of the mark. For that reason, it’s best to […]

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Quote Of The Week: Millennials Face A Perfect Economic Storm

“Millennials face a kind of perfect economic storm. The Great Recession took a big bite out of their wages, and its ripple effects will continue to dampen their earnings potential for years to come. Wealth accumulation for Gen Y took an even bigger hit, especially for those burdened by high student debt. These young people […]

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Retired Investors Struggle With Rising Stocks, Low Rates

If you missed it, check out today’s article in The Wall Street Journal (“Stocks Have Tripled Since Crisis, but Low Rates Are Still Squeezing Savers”) addressing the dilemma of retired investors struggling with rising stock prices (and rising market risk) and low interest rates. Stingy yields on bonds and other “safe” investments are driving these investors further than […]

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How Rich People Avoid Burn-Out

If work, family or just everyday-life stress has got you headed for a melt-down, take a tip from the rich. They’ve mastered one of the best ways to de-stress: taking time off and getting away. Wealthy Americans go on six vacations a year on average, says Neil Wertheimer, writing for AARP Magazine. That time off can […]

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Quote Of The Week: Don’t Worry About The Bear

“No one can consistently forecast the future of the economy or the course of the markets with accuracy, but the weight of the evidence is on the side of the bull market continuing. The smart strategy, then, is to stay in stocks and stay diversified.” James K. Glassman, contributing columnist and visiting fellow at the […]

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Stash Some Extra Cash In Your IRA

You can still make 2016 contributions to your Traditional or Roth IRA account up to the April 18, 2017 deadline. Not sure whether you’re eligible? Give us a call to discuss your situation, and which type of contribution might be best for you. The sooner you stash more cash into your retirement accounts, the better. Here’s […]

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