Florida Top State For Military Retirees

After a lifetime of serving their country, where is the best state for military careerists to retire? A recent ranking says it’s Florida. So while we honor those who gave their lives serving our country on this Memorial Day holiday, let’s also take a moment to consider the needs of our country’s veterans. Florida was just rated the […]

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New York: Briefings On What’s Ahead In The Investment World

It was a gorgeous afternoon in New York City today, as you can see from the photo I took in Times Square showing the beautiful blue skies, jewel-colored electronic billboards, and masses of New Yorkers, tourists, and school kids visiting the city. Living in South Florida, I have clearly forgotten exactly how many people you can […]

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What, Me Worry? World’s Millionaires Are Confident Despite Global Uncertainty

The world may be an uncertain place but millionaires around the globe are confident they can manage the turmoil and reach their life’s objectives “without so much as a dent in their finances,” finds a UBS Wealth Management survey of 2,800 millionaires in seven countries. Reuters journalist Jamie McGeever, reporting from London, says the world’s elite […]

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Quote Of The Week: Why Your Advisor Should Always Be A Fiduciary

“Ask the person managing, or offering to manage, your investments to state in writing that he or she will act as a fiduciary at all times, for retirement and non-retirement accounts. Knowledgeable clients already demand fiduciaries for all their money. Don’t be blinded by titles like “financial adviser” or “wealth manager.” If they’re not fiduciaries, […]

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Six Ways To Stretch Your Dollars In Retirement

Most of us have thought about the lifestyle we want in retirement. Maybe your retirement dreams include playing golf every week. Or inviting the whole family on an Alaskan cruise. Or maybe just taking it slow and spending time with the grandkids. Whatever your plans are, it’s important to know the best ways to stretch your dollars in […]

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The 20% Down Myth, And How You Can Now Buy A Home With Much Less

One of the biggest misconceptions about buying a house today is that you need to make a 20% down payment. And let’s face it. That’s holding back a lot of potential homeowners, especially first-time buyers, who just don’t have that much cash in the bank. But the facts are that while a 20% down payment is […]

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Biking? They’ve Got Your Back

May is National Bike Month. If you like to get out and enjoy the outdoors on your bike, you’ll be glad to hear AAA has got your back. Many AAA members are not aware that their auto roadside assistance coverage also includes coverage for their bicycle. Here’s what you need to know, says AAA: If your […]

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Smart Gifts, Bright Start For New Grads

A devoted grandfather recently wrote to journalist Kim Lankford of Kiplinger Personal Finance magazine asking for advice on choosing the perfect, and generous, gift for his granddaughter as she graduates from college. His goal?  To help her build a solid base for her financial future. Kim brought us into the conversation, so we suggested helping the granddaughter fund […]

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Mother's Day Canva

Happy Mother’s Day!

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Can Investing In Big U.S. Companies Give You Enough International Exposure?

I was on the phone yesterday with a client. “Why do I need to own international stocks,” he asked. “I already own big U.S. companies and they do plenty of business overseas. Isn’t that enough?” Good question. In fact, it’s the subject of a recent research study by Joe Libbra, CIMA®, CAIA, senior investment consultant […]

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