Elections Got You On Edge? Here’s What Happens To Your Portfolio In Election Years

We don’t blame you for being a bit nervous. In fact, you’re not alone. More than a few of our clients are on edge with the presidential elections. As we get closer to voting day, we’ll be bringing you special insights on what the elections might mean for your portfolio, and how to protect your […]

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Watch Out! Bank Hackers Now Going After Your Mobile Phone

Cyberthieves have a new target. It’s your cell phone. When you log on to your bank account via your mobile phone, more hackers are using malware to capture your logon credentials and siphon money out of your accounts. Both Apple and Android phones have been attacked using vulnerabilities in the operating systems. Here’s how the […]

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5 Ways Money Can Help Buy Happiness

Maybe money can’t guarantee happiness, but academic research does seem to show that having “enough” of the green stuff can give people a feeling of well-being. And more importantly, knowing how to spend money the right way can boost your happiness quotient. Here’s 5 tried-and-true ways to spread more happiness around: Do unto others. Giving away money […]

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Investments-never a good time to invest

Quote Of The Week: There’s Never A “Good” Time To Invest

Almost every day, someone seems to be pontificating on why today is just not a “good” time to invest. The market’s too high, stocks are expensive, interest rates are low, growth is stalled, the world’s too dangerous, presidential elections are coming up, etc. There’s no shortage of reasons, and we’ve probably heard them all.  Since a picture is worth a thousand […]

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Air stewardess performing safety demonstration on aeroplane

Parents, Don’t Even THINK Of Paying For College Until You’ve Done This First!

Know how they tell you in the airplane that, if there’s an emergency, you should put on your own oxygen mask first before helping others? The same principle applies to personal finance. There’s a definite hierarchy you should follow when you strategize on how to reach your – and your family’s – financial goals. As much as we […]

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Girlfriend Vacations Kim Cleaves for WSJ

Hey, Girlfriends … Time To Celebrate!

Forget the staycation. If you’re female and over 40, you know the best thing around is the girlfriend getaway. It’s all about celebrating – often far, far away – with those near and dear to you. Sometimes it’s as simple as meeting up for dinner in your hometown or spending the weekend at a beach hotel to celebrate a […]

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Just how big is the student debt problem final

Just how big is the student debt problem?

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Pushing 50? Here Are Secrets To Building Wealth At Any Age

We just collaborated with journalist Robyn A. Friedman on a story for City & Shore magazine about how you can build wealth at any age. What’s the secret to building wealth at age 50, 60, 70 and beyond? Create a financial plan. “If you’ve hit age 50, it’s time for a reality check to see […]

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How Prepared Are You For The Rest Of Your Life?

Have you been thinking lately about how you want to spend the rest of your life? For most people, how you spend your future is largely within your control. Unfortunately, most Americans aren’t well prepared for the future (see our graphic, above). Every day, we help people make better money decisions so they can enjoy each […]

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We're The Millers No Ragrets

“No Ragrets” – What’s On Americans’ Top 5 Financial Do-Over List

Scotty P of “We’re the Millers” may disagree, but when it comes to money, most Americans say they would do things differently if only given the chance. Here are their top 5 financial regrets that they would pick for a “do-over”: 1). Not saving for retirement early enough 2). Not saving enough for emergencies 3). Taking on […]

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