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Keeping Aging Investors Safe From Financial Exploitation

We spend a lot of time making sure our clients and their finances stay safe, even as they age. Are you familiar with the facts about financial exploitation and aging? Financial abuse costs seniors billions of dollars each year. Here’s some new numbers from Greg Brumbeloe, in a recent article for Financial Advisor magazine. Brumbeloe […]

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What Climate Change Might Mean For Florida

Florida Trend magazine just took an interesting look at climate change and what it might mean for the state of Florida. Their research suggests that millennials living in Florida could see a dramatically different landscape by the time they reach retirement. “Fort Lauderdale indeed becomes America’s Venice, with water at residential doorsteps,” says the magazine. […]

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Don’t Trip Up On IRA Rollovers

It’s gotten harder to avoid making expensive mistakes when rolling funds from one IRA account to another. You can still take funds out of your IRA and put them back into the same or another IRA within 60 days, but new rules make it much easier to trip up and get stuck with an unexpected […]

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Forget The Wedding Planner: Why Couples Should Hire A Financial Planner First

With more couples marrying later, and bringing debt, assets and entrenched money habits into the marriage, talking to a financial planner before tying the knot is much more important than picking out the right china pattern. It’s not just a question of who pays the bills, and whether to open a joint account.  It extends […]

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Cut Your Taxes By Taking Investment Losses Before December 31

Investment losses don’t sound like a good thing, but they can be at year-end. That’s when we start scouring your portfolio to look for opportunities to lock in capital losses for the year. By selling investments at a loss, we can offset gains elsewhere in your portfolio and generate up to a $3,000 net tax […]

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Reaching Across The Language Barrier

Hispanics are the fastest-growing segment of the population and are one-and-a-half times more likely than the general population to start their own businesses and earn a healthy income as a successful entrepreneur. Yet, financial planners are significantly behind in offering their services to the growing Hispanic market, writes Claudia Gonzalez, in a new article about […]

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The End Of The 401(k) As We Know It?

We’re keeping a cautious eye on Washington, as Congress floats various tax reform proposals that would change the 401(k) as we know it. One proposal would cap deductible 401(k) contributions at $2,400 (versus $18,000 today). Workers would still be allowed to save, but might need to do so in a Roth-type 401(k) or a non-retirement […]

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Fort Lauderdale Ranked Among Top U.S. Cities for Real Estate Investment

Fort Lauderdale was just ranked one of the nation’s top 10 cities for real estate investment, according to a high level report prepared by real estate experts at PwC and the Urban Land Institute. What puts it at the top? Economic growth, low taxes, and an enviable lifestyle, say community leaders. The report was highlighted […]

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U.S. Falling Behind? Asia Minting A New Billionaire Every Other Day

For the first time ever, Asia has more billionaires than the United States, thanks to economic growth and innovation in China and India. Asian billionaires increased by 23% in 2016, now numbering 637. That means Asia is minting a new billionaire every other day. This year’s crop of new billionaires is given credit for adding […]

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Real Client Advice: Your Teenager Got A Job? Here’s How To Start Them On The Road To Riches

We talked to one of our clients,  a busy mom with three kids, earlier this month. She told us her teenage daughter has a part-time job, and wanted tips on the best ways for her to save some of her earnings. Here’s the advice we gave her: The Roth wins, hands down. For most teenagers, […]

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