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Women Financial Advisors Make Time For Miami Networking

There’s nothing quite so satisfying as catching up with our colleagues to share thoughts about what’s happening in the market and with our firms. Even better when the group in question is women financial advisors in South Florida. There is actually quite a concentration of us down here, and it’s always a pleasure to meet […]

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JP Morgan Savings Needs By Age & Income

Are Good Times Going To Your Head (And Wallet?)

Economists say some people may be letting good times in the stock market go to their head, and their wallet. U.S. savings rates have recently dropped to a 12-year low, as Americans make record withdrawals from their investment and 401(k) accounts. Where is the money going? It’s being used to pay for everything from kitchen […]

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3 Quick Things To Know About Your Credit Score

Your credit score is an important component in your financial life, so keep it in top shape. Here’s 3 quick things to know: Fact #1: The single most important factor affecting your credit score is whether you pay your bills on time. That means paying the minimum payment due on a timely basis. Also important […]

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South Florida Mourns

Our South Florida community is grieving the loss of so many innocent and promising lives. Many in our area are affected by these tragic events. As parents, friends, and neighbors, our sorrow cannot be put into words. To all those affected, please know we are thinking about you, your families, and all those in the […]

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Time For A Trim? How Cutting A Little Now Can Save You Misery Later

We know that many investors are unnerved by the recent gyrations in the stock market. Look one minute and the market is up 600 points. Check a few minutes later and it’s down 500. It’s starting to sound a lot like the lyrics from Katy Perry’s “Hot N Cold.” We know it can drive people […]

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Hold The Roses. Here’s What Women Really Want.

Forget jewelry, roses and that box of chocolates. Here’s what women really want, says a survey of 1,000 women carried out by Ellevest, a digital investing platform for women.

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Least Tax-Friendly States for Retirees

Are you living in one of the least tax friendly states for retirees? That’s the case if you live in Connecticut, Indiana, Kansas, Maryland, Minnesota, Nebraska, New Mexico, Utah, Vermont, or Wisconsin. Those are the worst 10 tax states for retirees. The absolute worst state for retirees in terms of their tax bill, according to Kiplinger magazine, […]

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Quote Of The Week: Why You Should Start Investing Now

Dear Millennials: Here’s some good advice. The sooner you start investing the better. This is how Millennial Money writer Ryan Ermey describes the challenge: “The recent market peaks seem like the top of a cliff. But here’s the thing. Every second you wait to take the leap, you’re giving up one of your greatest assets […]

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Women & Wealth: Come Join Us At Orlando Money Show – February 8

Here’s your chance to attend a special half-day of complimentary Women & Wealth expert panels addressing cutting-edge topics about women, retirement, and investing. It all takes place the morning of Thursday, February 8 at The Money Show in Orlando. We’ll be participating in the Women on Wealth panel on Bridging the Longevity Gap: Retirement Strategies for […]

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How Higher Interest Rates Can Be Good For You

Yes, interest rates are slowly heading upward. You can actually get decent interest rates on money market accounts now – at least from online banks. (Check rates on here). Sure, higher rates mean you’ll pay more interest on credit cards balances and adjustable rate loans. But look at the flip side. Higher rates benefit […]

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