Smart Start For The New Year: What Returns Can You Realistically Expect From Your Portfolio?

What’s a realistic return on your portfolio? It depends on who you ask. Ask the man or woman in the street, and they might say an investment return of 10%, 12% or even more, is the norm. (Not). But among professionals, expectations continue to ratchet downward. Some of the biggest pension funds and other large professional […]

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Smart Start To The New Year: 6 Questions To See If You’re Financially Fit

Six questions. That’s all it takes to see if you’re financially fit. “There is a short financial checkup that effectively predicts the key components of financial health,” says Annamaria Lusardi, one of the world’s foremost experts in financial literacy, and Director of The Global Financial Literacy Excellence Center at George Washington University. You can take the […]

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Smart Start For The New Year: Don’t Let Student Loans Sink Your Future

Getting that degree can help you boost your lifetime earnings, but the last thing you want to do is borrow so much that you put your entire financial future at risk. To start the New Year off right, make sure you understand what and how much you are borrowing before you take out the loan. Here’s some […]

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When Investment Expenses Drop, You Win

Not surprisingly, many of our clients  are concerned with keeping investment expenses as low as possible. That’s why we try to include low-cost ETFs (Exchange Traded Funds) as a component in client portfolios. And that’s why we applaud last week’s expense reductions on four market-cap index ETFs managed by Charles Schwab Investment Management, all funds available […]

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Quote Of The Week: An Asset Allocation That Takes The Cake

“I tell clients that setting an asset allocation is the second-most-important decision they will have to make. The most important decision is committing to stick to it. … Research reveals that investors think they can take more risk when stocks are at an all-time high only to turn to cash after a plunge.“ Allan S. […]

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Please Welcome Jennifer Young, Our New Client Services Associate

Please join us in welcoming Jennifer Young as the newest member of our team! We’re pleased to announce that Jennifer Young recently came onboard as our new Client Services Associate. She will be helping clients with their investment accounts and financial planning needs. Jennifer is from Boca Raton, and went to Florida State University where she received a bachelor’s […]

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Join Us For Our January 26th ‘Meet The Expert’ Lunch!

Questions about long-term care? Come join us for lunch on Thursday, January 26 at our offices and ‘Meet the Expert’. Our guest will be William “Bill” Dyess, one of South Florida’s most experienced long-term care experts, who is a fellow member of the South Florida Financial Planning  Association. This is a great opportunity to learn […]

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Work It Like A Marine: Secrets To Keeping Your Brain Forever Young

There’s some intriguing new research directed at answering why some people remain mentally sharp and nimble well into old age (earning them the title of ‘superagers’) while others become feeble and fuzzy-minded far too early. Is it genetics, diet and exercise, or some other mysterious factor at work? Lisa Feldman Barrett, professor of psychology at Northeastern University, studied […]

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Our Resolutions – And Advice – For The New Year

It’s that time of year!  Millions of Americans start off the New Year with resolutions to lose weight, pay off debt, save more, and hit the gym. Here’s what’s on our “to do” list, along with some advice on how you can tackle your savings goals for 2017. What’s your top resolution for the New Year?   […]

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Start The New Year Right: Preparing For The Tax Changes Ahead

With the new Trump administration coming on board, we’re likely to see big changes in income taxes before the year is out. Here’s a quick cheat sheet of what you might expect: Details still uncertain. We don’t know yet which – if any – of Trump’s tax reform proposals will be adopted. Republicans in Congress […]

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