Use Your IRA To Support Your Favorite Charity

There’s a clever new way you can have your cake and eat it too. We’re talking about updated tax rules allowing you to gift a portion of your IRA funds to your favorite charity, which will help you feel good and save on taxes, too. Here’s how. If you are age 70 1/2 or older […]

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Investment Insights From New York

It’s always a challenge to be out of the office. As you all know, it seems that in every office there’s too much to do and too little time, which makes it easy to start feeling buried in paper! But it’s critical for us to get out and meet with top investment providers and researchers about what’s […]

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16-Year Old Boca Teen Shows #GirlPower In Action

Shout out to Boca’s Rachel Zietz, 16-year old entrepreneur, ABC’s Shark Tank survivor and founder of Gladiator Lacrosse, a premium lacrosse equipment company Rachel started four years ago, which she says has now surpassed $2 million in sales. Rachel was just singled out as one of Time Magazine’s 30 most influential teens of 2016. Not a bad deal for a girl who […]

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Paying For College? Check Out The Florida Prepaid Plan

Looking into ways to pay for college? The Florida Prepaid enrollment is now open for this year. Prices are lower than in past years, so take a look. The Prepaid plan differs in significant ways from Florida’s, or other states’, 529 college savings plans. Here’s how the Florida Prepaid folks explain it: “The biggest difference between […]

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Does Anyone Understand What They’re Saying?

A conversation of one Are you interested in enhanced indexing or smart beta? How about liquid alts or absolute return strategies? Concerned with style drift and mean regression? Staying away from proprietary products in your quest for alpha? Then maybe you should take a look in the private equity space. Are you still reading? Congratulations! You’ve survived […]

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Quote Of The Week: “The Most Hated Bull Market Ever”

“It’s the most hated bull market ever; people keep fighting it, fighting it,” says Gary Fullam, chief investment officer at investment adviser Globalt Investments in Atlanta.” “We’re all left with, how long can this go on? And the answer is, no one knows. And that’s the most frustrating thing for any investor,” says Mr. Fullam. […]

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Investment Fees Are Dropping, And You’re The Winner

Investment fees are coming down, and you’re the winner. We’re all aware of the need to minimize investment costs as much as possible. The lower the investment costs, the more you actually earn. All companies who manage mutual funds and Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) charge fees to cover investment expenses. Those costs are largely unavoidable. It costs money to […]

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Harry Potter Star A Wizard At Saving Money … Without Using Magic

British actor Daniel Radcliffe has starred as Harry Potter in all 8 films of the series, which have grossed over $7.7 billion worldwide at the box office. The 27-year old hasn’t done too badly himself, raking in over $92 million in earnings. He earned a very “modest” $145,000 with the first film, increased to $3 million […]

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The headlines of this morning’s Sun-Sentinel (above) say it all! A threatening Cat 4 hurricane headed to South Florida after doing major damage in the Caribbean, but fortunately passed far enough off the coast that in Boca Raton we escaped unharmed and undamaged. We are all fine, but have NOT yet received the all-clear to return […]

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Hurricane Matthew Alerts

Dear Clients and Friends: Like many of you, we are carefully monitoring the weather situation as Hurricane Matthew approaches. We plan to try to maintain normal office hours tomorrow, on Wednesday October 5. It is likely that the office will be required to close on Thursday, October 6 and Friday, October 7, due to storm-related […]

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