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Hispanic Retirees Face Serious Challenges: Longer Lives and Lower Savings

South Florida is known for, and very proud of, its diverse population. But Hispanic workers, who make up a very large part of the Florida demographic, have special concerns. Compared with many other workers, they are behind the curve in saving for retirement. “Only 26 percent of Hispanic families had a retirement savings account (compared with […]

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Quote Of The Week: You’ve Accumulated A King’s Ransom, But Can You Keep It?

“If you think accumulating a king’s ransom is difficult, try holding onto one.” Steffi Claiden,”Preserving the Family Fortune,” RealAssets Adviser, March 2017 The Takeaway: Holding onto money across generations can be an enormous struggle, says Claiden. 70 percent of the wealthy lose their money by the second generation, and 90% go bust by the 3rd generation. […]

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5 Tips To Deal With A Coming Correction

The stock market has enjoyed a pretty steady climb upwards since the November election. Could that calm soon be coming to an end? If so, it’s a good time to brush up on market corrections and how you can take volatile and hostile markets in stride. 1).  Just what is a correction?  A correction is […]

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Time For A Foreign Affair?

Don’t look now, but foreign stocks are starting to sizzle. After years of disappointing performance relative to U.S. investments, foreign stocks are emerging as the hottest ticket in town. Here’s why: They’re on sale compared to U.S. stocks. “We’re now in the eighth year of the bull market in U.S. equities, and it’s increasingly difficult to […]

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Everything You Want To Know About College 529 Savings Plans

Does it pay to start out at a community college? Can I buy a computer with 529 funds? How do I name a successor for 529 accounts I set up for my grandkids? We collaborated with writer Chana R. Schoenberger of The Wall Street Journal to bring you the answers to these and other questions. College 529 […]

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Keeping Your Hands Out Of The Cookie Jar

Do you hate the idea of putting money into a retirement account and then not be able to get it back out without a penalty? Well, guess what? That just might be the BEST way to save for retirement. Researchers now say that using retirement accounts that penalize you for early withdrawals  – like IRAs […]

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Quote Of The Week: More Seniors Fall Victim To Financial Abuse

“A new survey of caregivers by Allianz Life finds that 37% of seniors have suffered financial abuse. Such abuse can take the form of telemarketing scams, pressure to sign a will, or an empty promise to provide care in exchange for property. Victims of elder financial abuse lose an average of about $36,000, often to […]

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Equal Pay For Women: Slowly But Surely Moving Forward

April 4 was Equal Pay Day, drawing attention to the lower wages paid to women in our country and advocating for a more level “working” field. Women make an average of 82 cents for every dollar a man earns. The good news? Women’s pay is advancing and moving closer to parity. The bad news? Progress is […]

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What Financial Fear Haunts Most Americans?

Over one-half of all Americans surveyed are in fear of outliving their nest egg, according to a new Transamerica study. It’s the top source of retirement anxiety for American workers. And there’s good reason for that. Most workers are not saving anywhere near enough money. Some that do save invest in all the wrong ways. […]

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Ivy League Colleges Even More Selective In Fall Admissions

Not looking forward to paying over $65,000 per year in college tuition and room and board at the Ivies? You may not need to. There’s an even more daunting task at hand; getting your child admitted in the first place. Fall admission numbers are out and America’s most exclusive Ivy League colleges are reporting that the […]

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