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sorry dog

Sorry For Any Inconvenience, But …..

Sometimes we want to help out, but we’re just not allowed to do so. Here’s a recent example. We were recently reviewing retirement investments for two different clients, and asked for updates on their workplace 401(k) accounts. Both clients offered to provide us with their account user IDs and passwords so we could sign in and look at […]

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The Changing Prairie

Quote Of The Week: Johnny Can’t Understand Money. And Why That’s a HUGE Problem.

We hear it all the time. Young Americans struggle with basic concepts like budgeting, saving, interest, and debt. So how are they ever going to navigate the world of personal finance and save for retirement? The National Endowment for Financial Education (NEFE) – an organization that supports financial education efforts across the U.S. – explains why understanding personal […]

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Never Underestimate The Power Of A Good Referral

Here’s an amazing example that shows the power of a good referral. It happened just before Christmas in our office. We have a client we’ll call David (not his real name). He needs a new roof on his home and wanted to pay for it by refinancing his mortgage. (By the way, if you live out of […]

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As Prime Rate Climbs Higher, Your Interest Costs Won’t Be Far Behind

If you owe money on student loans, credit cards, or home equity loans, you may soon find that your monthly payments are set to rise. Many lenders peg the interest rate you pay off of the prime rate, and the prime rate – as measured by the Wall Street Journal after surveying prevailing rates at major […]

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mobile banking 2

Watch Out! Bank Hackers Now Going After Your Mobile Phone

Cyberthieves have a new target. It’s your cell phone. When you log on to your bank account via your mobile phone, more hackers are using malware to capture your logon credentials and siphon money out of your accounts. Both Apple and Android phones have been attacked using vulnerabilities in the operating systems. Here’s how the […]

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Tips To Tell Zika To Buzz Off

Always worth repeating here in South Florida, especially for our family, friends, and neighbors who are expecting, and who are understandably very anxious. Here’s top tips put together by the Sun-Sentinel to fight Zika.  

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drowning in bills

Cutting Outrageous Annuity Fees Down To Size

How would you like an extra $38,000 in your pocket each year? Or how about $76,000? That’s each and every year, by the way. We can share with you a pretty amazing story about how we saved two clients $38,000 per year each, for a total annual savings of $76,000. Those savings will flow straight through […]

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credit card debt couple

Hall Of Shame: Are Credit Repair Services A Hoax?

We get asked all the time whether credit repair services are the real deal. Can they truly fix your credit rating and lower your payments, or are they just one more ripoff scheme? Consumer advocate and author Sid Kirchheimer says in his opinion these services deserve a big thumbs down. “They may charge $5,000 or monthly fees […]

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aaa teen drivers

Is Your Teen Learning To Drive? Free AAA Benefits Make It Less Scary

For many parents, there’s nothing scarier than the moment their teenager gets behind the wheel. Many of our clients have learned that having a teenage driver in the house can be nerve wracking – not to mention expensive! Every parent worries about their kids when they’re starting to drive. And the costs – insurance, gas, car payments […]

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frank abagnale aarp

What “Catch Me If You Can” Frank Abagnale Says About Debit Cards

Fraud expert and former con artist Frank Abagnale – the man behind “Catch Me If You Can” – now makes a living protecting consumers from scams. Wait until you hear what he said about the dangers of debit cards in a recent interview with Hugh Delehanty of AARP Bulletin. “I don’t have (a debit card),” says […]

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