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Security Alert: Fraudulent “Phishing” Email Attack

Security Alert:  Clients should be alert to an ongoing, large-scale “phishing” campaign in which clients may receive fraudulent emails that appear to be from Schwab. Schwab has advised us that they are currently responding to a phishing attempt in which clients are receiving emails that appear to be sent by Schwab’s fraud and security departments. The […]

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Quote Of The Week: More Seniors Fall Victim To Financial Abuse

“A new survey of caregivers by Allianz Life finds that 37% of seniors have suffered financial abuse. Such abuse can take the form of telemarketing scams, pressure to sign a will, or an empty promise to provide care in exchange for property. Victims of elder financial abuse lose an average of about $36,000, often to […]

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How To Avoid Falling Hook, Line & Sinker For ‘Phishing’ Emails

You can never be too vigilant when it comes to email safety. That’s why we wanted to share 7 simple email tips from top tech and security experts to help keep you safe from a malicious ‘phishing’ expedition. If you’re not familiar with the term, ‘phishing’ emails are fake or deceptive emails sent by cybercriminals who are fishing for victims. […]

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Schwab Alert: Beware Of Phishing Attempts

Schwab has sent out an alert advising that some clients across the country have received “phishing” email and text messages purporting to be from Schwab. Clients have been asked to click a link and provide sensitive personal information including a passport or driver’s license. Schwab advises clients that they would never ask clients to provide sensitive information via […]

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Investment Insights From New York

It’s always a challenge to be out of the office. As you all know, it seems that in every office there’s too much to do and too little time, which makes it easy to start feeling buried in paper! But it’s critical for us to get out and meet with top investment providers and researchers about what’s […]

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Hack Attack: Half Of Americans Exposed To Hackers. How About You?

At least 500 million Yahoo users had their information stolen in 2014, as reported by the company last week. They’re not alone. Half of American adults had their personal information exposed to hackers in 2014, and since then, additional attacks have put even more consumers at risk. What pieces of your personal information have been exposed? Click here for […]

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Basketball Star Tim Duncan Fouled By Bad Investments. Here’s How To Play Defense

San Antonio Spurs basketball star and two-time Most Valuable Player Tim Duncan, who recently retired from the courts, is known as one of the greatest players of all time. His basketball earnings topped $220 million over his career. But that didn’t stop him from getting fouled by bad investments. According to his attorney, Duncan, now age 40, lost as […]

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Watch Out! Bank Hackers Now Going After Your Mobile Phone

Cyberthieves have a new target. It’s your cell phone. When you log on to your bank account via your mobile phone, more hackers are using malware to capture your logon credentials and siphon money out of your accounts. Both Apple and Android phones have been attacked using vulnerabilities in the operating systems. Here’s how the […]

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Warning! New, More Sophisticated Scams Target Seniors

New and increasingly more sophisticated scams are targeting the elderly, who are hard-pressed to keep up and stay ahead of the latest cons. “Callers often pose as cash-strapped grandchildren, tax collectors or providers of technical support,” reports Jennifer Levitz, writing for The Wall Street Journal. What makes the new scams particularly effective is that calls frequently use “spoofed” […]

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Hall Of Shame: Are Credit Repair Services A Hoax?

We get asked all the time whether credit repair services are the real deal. Can they truly fix your credit rating and lower your payments, or are they just one more ripoff scheme? Consumer advocate and author Sid Kirchheimer says in his opinion these services deserve a big thumbs down. “They may charge $5,000 or monthly fees […]

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