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stock decline

5 Tips To Deal With A Coming Correction

The stock market has enjoyed a pretty steady climb upwards since the November election. Could that calm soon be coming to an end? If so, it’s a good time to brush up on market corrections and how you can take volatile and hostile markets in stride. 1).  Just what is a correction?  A correction is […]

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wsj 6 questions

Smart Start To The New Year: 6 Questions To See If You’re Financially Fit

Six questions. That’s all it takes to see if you’re financially fit. “There is a short financial checkup that effectively predicts the key components of financial health,” says Annamaria Lusardi, one of the world’s foremost experts in financial literacy, and Director of The Global Financial Literacy Excellence Center at George Washington University. You can take the […]

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smiley balloons

5 Ways Money Can Help Buy Happiness

Maybe money can’t guarantee happiness, but academic research does seem to show that having “enough” of the green stuff can give people a feeling of well-being. And more importantly, knowing how to spend money the right way can boost your happiness quotient. Here’s 5 tried-and-true ways to spread more happiness around: Do unto others. Giving away money […]

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Air stewardess performing safety demonstration on aeroplane

Parents, Don’t Even THINK Of Paying For College Until You’ve Done This First!

Know how they tell you in the airplane that, if there’s an emergency, you should put on your own oxygen mask first before helping others? The same principle applies to personal finance. There’s a definite hierarchy you should follow when you strategize on how to reach your – and your family’s – financial goals. As much as we […]

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Hands searching through file folders with personal finance documents

Sharing Is Golden When You Want Good Financial Advice

It must sound pretty obvious. The more your financial advisor knows about your financial situation, income, spending, and goals, the better they can tailor their advice to your individual needs. It’s like the difference between an off-the-rack item of clothing and one made to fit your exact measurements. For example, a client just asked us if she should pay […]

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give me 2

The Founding Fathers Would Agree: 7 Secrets To Achieving Financial Independence Today

It’s July 4th, the day we celebrate our country’s independence. But what about our own independence? Not surprising, for many people, money is all about independence. Money can give us the freedom to live our own life, make our own choices, and determine our own future. So in the spirit of Samuel Adams, Thomas Payne, and […]

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nfl bankruptcy

When It Comes To Money, This NFL Mom Has Got Her Son’s Back

If you missed it, check out this link to a great Marketwatch story about the NFL mom making sure her Chicago Bear-playing son stays on the financial straight-and-narrow. She watches all his games and filled in for him at the Personal Finance boot camp held here in Fort Lauderdale for NFL players. I made this must reading […]

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social security couple

Social Security Changes: Is Your Local Rep Giving You Bad Advice?

We recently told you about the Social Security changes that will soon do away with popular – and lucrative – claiming strategies like “file and suspend.” (Want more details? See the wrap-up at the end of this article). These strategies permit spouses to maximize their joint benefits, and can add thousands of dollars to the family […]

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hearts and money

How A Higher Credit Score Can Spice Up Your Love Life

We all know that keeping your credit score in pristine shape gives you access to low lost loans and credit offers. But did you know it might also help your love life? Anne Kates Smith reports in Kiplinger Personal Finance that people with higher credit scores tend to have better luck at forming committed relationships […]

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european river cruise

Why The Passing Of Icons Like David Bowie, Alan Rickman, And Glenn Frey Should Be Your Wake-up Call

Here’s some advice you don’t expect to get every day from your financial planner. Go spend some money. We have a lot of conversations with clients about how long their money needs to last, and what amount is safe to spend each year without running out too early. But there’s another side to the story, and that’s helping […]

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