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bill dyess

Ask The Expert: Everything You Always Wanted To Know About Long-Term Care Insurance

A sincere thank you to Bill Dyess of Dyess Insurance Services!  Bill was our “expert” guest today, and graciously shared his insights and knowledge of long-term care insurance for clients and guests at a lunchtime seminar in our office. Bill has more than 35 years of experience in the insurance field and specializes in long-term care. (How’s that […]

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Join Us For Our January 26th ‘Meet The Expert’ Lunch!

Questions about long-term care? Come join us for lunch on Thursday, January 26 at our offices and ‘Meet the Expert’. Our guest will be William “Bill” Dyess, one of South Florida’s most experienced long-term care experts, who is a fellow member of the South Florida Financial Planning  Association. This is a great opportunity to learn […]

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How On Earth Did Things Go So Wrong With Long-Term Care?

Are you confused about how to solve your long-term care needs? Most people are. By long-term care, we are referring to the personal care that Americans may need as they age. Many people buy long-term care insurance policies, writes Leslie Scism in the Wall Street Journal, which “pay for personal aides and extended nursing-home stays that Medicare, the […]

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How To Make Decisions On Your Health Care Plan For 2017

If you’re reading the paper or following the news on your favorite website, you know that health care coverage is totally up in the year next year, as incoming President Donald Trump and the Republican Congress have repeatedly vowed to repeal the Affordable Care Act (ACA), often known as Obamacare. So what should you be doing right […]

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Think Life Insurance Is Boring? Most People Do. But Here’s 4 Short Facts To Know First.

Most people read the words “life insurance” and quickly turn the page. Life insurance? That’s boring, complicated and often just icky. But every September, we ask you to spend just a moment or two thinking about life insurance. It may not save your life, but it can protect the lives of those who depend on you. […]

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money grab

Quote Of The Week: Don’t Fall For The High Commission Annuity Sales Pitch

“Thousands of annuity salespeople are hoping to grab your money and steer you toward their high-commission indexed annuity product before they will be required to act honestly under the fiduciary standard and undergo background checks.” Terry Savage, financial blog author and columnist at, “Do your research before diving into annuities,” Sun Sentinel, August 7, […]

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drowning in bills

Cutting Outrageous Annuity Fees Down To Size

How would you like an extra $38,000 in your pocket each year? Or how about $76,000? That’s each and every year, by the way. We can share with you a pretty amazing story about how we saved two clients $38,000 per year each, for a total annual savings of $76,000. Those savings will flow straight through […]

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active retirees

Shop Smart For Medicare

Now’s your once-a-year opportunity to save money on Medicare. It’s the “Medicare Annual Enrollment Period” from October 15 to December 7 — your chance to review your Medicare choices and make changes for next year. “This is the time of year when everyone on Medicare can reevaluate features of their contracts to see if they’re getting the best coverage […]

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cleaning with gloves

Quote Of The Week: Americans Would Rather Clean Toilets Than Pick a Health Plan

“Most people spend less than 30 minutes researching health benefits.  Working Americans would rather clean their inboxes or toilets – and even do their taxes – than pick a health care plan.” Janet Levaux, Editor in Chief of Research Magazine, “Some Americans Would Rather Clean Toilets Than Pick a Health Plan: Survey,” Think Advisor, September 22, […]

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home repair mess

When Buying A Home, Don’t Bite Off More Than You Can Chew

You see the perfect home. It’s at the top of your price range. But you convince yourself you can stretch to make the payments. What could go wrong? Well, quite a bit, as it turns out. What many home buyers discover too late is that they’ve failed to take into account the hidden costs of owning a […]

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