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Annuity Abuses Rise To Top Of Regulator’s Scam List

Has your broker recommended that you swap an old annuity contract for a newer one? Regulators say that could be a way to scam you out of thousands of dollars. Abusive swaps like these, involving improper annuity exchanges, have risen to the top of the investment scam list at FINRA (FINRA is the organization regulating […]

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Take A Tip From The Rich: Keep Your Investment Strategy Simple

Don’t get conned into thinking that you have to pony up for some complicated and risky investment strategies just to make some money. Unscrupulous financial advisors who cater to wealthy wannabees would have you think you can’t be “someone” unless you invest in private equity, hedge funds, and other high-cost investment strategies. But don’t fall […]

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Quote Of The Week: Why You Don’t Want To Hold Too Much Cash

“You are taking a different kind of risk with a savings account. You watch your money erode because of inflation – our dollar buys less with each passing year.  So investing in dollars is a loser’s game. You have to buy stocks and bonds.” Jack Bogle, founder of Vanguard, and creator of the index fund, […]

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Wanna Be A Millionaire? Here’s What You Need To Do

What’s the secret to becoming a millionaire? Self-made millionaires clearly know how to make money, and more importantly, most know how to save it and make it grow. That’s how they accumulate wealth. Certified Financial Planner Thomas Corley spent five years researching and talking with 177 self-made millionaires for his book Rich Habits: The Daily Success […]

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Risks And Opportunities In Korea

Kudos to portfolio managers at Matthews Asia for the insightful briefing this week on tensions in North Korea and their impact on Asian investments. The San Francisco-based company sponsored a briefing for our firm and other investment advisors discussing the potential risks and opportunities from rising tensions on the Korean peninsula. Matthews’ Investment Strategist Andy Rothman and Korea […]

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Quote Of The Week: Want To Make A Million? Beware Lifestyle Creep

Love this quote from financial writer Sandy Block. It helps explains why the biggest earners we work with aren’t necessarily those with the biggest portfolios… “One of the biggest barriers to reaching the $1 million milestone isn’t a stock market meltdown or even a brief period of unemployment. It’s something financial planners call lifestyle creep – […]

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Quote Of The Week: How Stocks React To Global Crises

Worried about how your portfolio will react to growing global turmoil? Here’s some research that may put you at ease: “History shows that after an initial dip, share prices tend to bounce back smartly.” “Fears about global turmoil may be misplaced. Over the past several decades, geopolitical crises have seldom had a lasting impact on […]

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When 4 Stocks Are Propelling The Market

Thrilled with the S&P 500’s rise? Some people may find what’s behind those gains to be somewhat worrisome. The Wall Street Journal’s Justin Lahart points out that four stocks – Alphabet, Amazon, Apple and Facebook – contributed almost one-third of the S&P’s gains for the year. The other 496 stocks making up the index were left behind, and “most S&P sectors […]

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America’s Infrastructure Earns D+ Grade

Have you heard all the buzz about infrastructure? It’s no surprise that infrastructure has been at the top of Washington’s “to do” list. “If there is one thing Americans can agree on these days, it is that our infrastructure is a mess,” say analysts at CNBC. America’s infrastructure is so outdated that it earned a […]

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Want To Invest With A Social Conscience? Here’s A Great Success Story.

Some of our clients are firm believers in investing with a conscience, and choose to put their money where their mouth is. They’ve asked us to identify investments that reflect their values, like protecting the environment, advancing gender equality, or supporting community engagement. Socially responsible investing (SRI) has definitely come of age, now capturing one-fifth of all funds professionally managed […]

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