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Forget The Wedding Planner: Why Couples Should Hire A Financial Planner First

With more couples marrying later, and bringing debt, assets and entrenched money habits into the marriage, talking to a financial planner before tying the knot is much more important than picking out the right china pattern. It’s not just a question of who pays the bills, and whether to open a joint account.  It extends […]

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Wanna Be A Millionaire? Here’s What You Need To Do

What’s the secret to becoming a millionaire? Self-made millionaires clearly know how to make money, and more importantly, most know how to save it and make it grow. That’s how they accumulate wealth. Certified Financial Planner Thomas Corley spent five years researching and talking with 177 self-made millionaires for his book Rich Habits: The Daily Success […]

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Quote Of The Week: Want To Make A Million? Beware Lifestyle Creep

Love this quote from financial writer Sandy Block. It helps explains why the biggest earners we work with aren’t necessarily those with the biggest portfolios… “One of the biggest barriers to reaching the $1 million milestone isn’t a stock market meltdown or even a brief period of unemployment. It’s something financial planners call lifestyle creep – […]

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pirates johnny depp

Aye Matey! Too Much Real Estate Sinks Pirate Johnny Depp’s Ship

The new “Pirates of the Caribbean” movie installment just opened in the theaters, and let’s hope it generates a treasure chest of gold for star Johnny Depp. He needs it, or else he may be forced to walk the plank by lenders and tax collectors at the IRS. How on earth did Depp get himself into […]

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Cheat Sheet: When Is It OK To Help Out The Kids?

No need to be ashamed. We know that parents often get roped into paying a bill or two for their grown-up kids. (Full confession: I’ve paid more than my share!). In fact, more than half of parents surveyed admit to having helped out the kids financially within the last 12 months. But there’s nothing more agonizing […]

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Girlfriend Vacations Kim Cleaves for WSJ

Hey, Girlfriends … Time To Celebrate!

Forget the staycation. If you’re female and over 40, you know the best thing around is the girlfriend getaway. It’s all about celebrating – often far, far away – with those near and dear to you. Sometimes it’s as simple as meeting up for dinner in your hometown or spending the weekend at a beach hotel to celebrate a […]

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We're The Millers No Ragrets

“No Ragrets” – What’s On Americans’ Top 5 Financial Do-Over List

Scotty P of “We’re the Millers” may disagree, but when it comes to money, most Americans say they would do things differently if only given the chance. Here are their top 5 financial regrets that they would pick for a “do-over”: 1). Not saving for retirement early enough 2). Not saving enough for emergencies 3). Taking on […]

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The Happy Medium Between Spending vs. Saving

Our clients, like most Americans, try to do the right thing. They understand that the responsibility of saving for retirement is squarely on their shoulders, and they struggle to put money aside month by month, year by year. But where’s the happy medium? How much should they save (or can they save) for the future if […]

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A Revealing Look At Why Middle America Has Little in Savings

Why so many Americans in the middle class have no savings Over 40% of Americans are financially unprepared to come up with the cash they may need in a crisis, leading researchers to call them “financially fragile.” That realization led writer Neal Gabler to talk to PBS NewsHour about how, despite his career as a successful […]

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Paying Too Much For Your Car Loan? Check Your Credit Score

Think you’re paying too much for your car loan? Your credit score could be the culprit. The key factor affecting your car loan rate is your credit history, says Eileen Ambrose, writing for AARP Bulletin. “Consumers with excellent credit scores of 740 or higher receive the best rates for financial products,” says Bethy Hardeman, chief […]

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