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Hispanic Retirees Face Serious Challenges: Longer Lives and Lower Savings

South Florida is known for, and very proud of, its diverse population. But Hispanic workers, who make up a very large part of the Florida demographic, have special concerns. Compared with many other workers, they are behind the curve in saving for retirement. “Only 26 percent of Hispanic families had a retirement savings account (compared with […]

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Keeping Your Hands Out Of The Cookie Jar

Do you hate the idea of putting money into a retirement account and then not be able to get it back out without a penalty? Well, guess what? That just might be the BEST way to save for retirement. Researchers now say that using retirement accounts that penalize you for early withdrawals  – like IRAs […]

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Quote Of The Week: More Seniors Fall Victim To Financial Abuse

“A new survey of caregivers by Allianz Life finds that 37% of seniors have suffered financial abuse. Such abuse can take the form of telemarketing scams, pressure to sign a will, or an empty promise to provide care in exchange for property. Victims of elder financial abuse lose an average of about $36,000, often to […]

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What Financial Fear Haunts Most Americans?

Over one-half of all Americans surveyed are in fear of outliving their nest egg, according to a new Transamerica study. It’s the top source of retirement anxiety for American workers. And there’s good reason for that. Most workers are not saving anywhere near enough money. Some that do save invest in all the wrong ways. […]

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Another Last Minute IRA Tip: Helping The Stay-At-Home Spouse Keep Up

For non-working spouses, it’s often a case of “out of sight, out of mind.” And what’s forgotten is their own retirement security. Once the non-working spouse is out of the workforce, they usually neglect to fund their own retirement accounts. Many people don’t realize that even if you are not holding down a job, you are eligible […]

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Last Minute IRA Tip: Don’t Let Divorce Derail Your Retirement

Here’s a last minute IRA tip that can help you stay on track for a comfortable retirement: Many divorced people who are receiving alimony neglect to fund their IRAs every year. That’s a mistake, because putting money aside each year into your Traditional or Roth IRA can help you keep your retirement savings on target, and […]

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Raising Financially Responsible Kids

Ask any parent what they really want for their kids, and they’ll tell you they want them to be happy. If they could ask for two things, parents would probably say they also want their kids to be financially self-sufficient so they don’t need to struggle or go without. We recently spoke with journalist Alina Tugend […]

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Retired Investors Struggle With Rising Stocks, Low Rates

If you missed it, check out today’s article in The Wall Street Journal (“Stocks Have Tripled Since Crisis, but Low Rates Are Still Squeezing Savers”) addressing the dilemma of retired investors struggling with rising stock prices (and rising market risk) and low interest rates. Stingy yields on bonds and other “safe” investments are driving these investors further than […]

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Stash Some Extra Cash In Your IRA

You can still make 2016 contributions to your Traditional or Roth IRA account up to the April 18, 2017 deadline. Not sure whether you’re eligible? Give us a call to discuss your situation, and which type of contribution might be best for you. The sooner you stash more cash into your retirement accounts, the better. Here’s […]

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Women Bouncing Back Better After Middle-Life Divorce

It’s not just your imagination. The divorce rate for couples over the age of 50 – dubbed “grey divorce” – has doubled since 1990. A new survey reported by Investment News finds that “women are coping with the challenges better than men,” meaning that women are far more likely to adopt positive financial behaviors post-divorce than […]

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