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Making Florida Your New Home? Here’s How To Avoid Tax Problems

We were talking to a new Florida resident the other day in our office. After a lifelong career in media in New York, he called it a day and moved to South Florida to retire. Part of our conversation revolved around what he needs to do to establish residency in Florida and avoid any future […]

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Florida Top State For Military Retirees

After a lifetime of serving their country, where is the best state for military careerists to retire? A recent ranking says it’s Florida. So while we honor those who gave their lives serving our country on this Memorial Day holiday, let’s also take a moment to consider the needs of our country’s veterans. Florida was just rated the […]

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Six Ways To Stretch Your Dollars In Retirement

Most of us have thought about the lifestyle we want in retirement. Maybe your retirement dreams include playing golf every week. Or inviting the whole family on an Alaskan cruise. Or maybe just taking it slow and spending time with the grandkids. Whatever your plans are, it’s important to know the best ways to stretch your dollars in […]

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The Strategic Outlook From BlackRock

Russ Koesterich, Chief Investment Strategist at Blackrock, was our guest last week  at the 37th annual conference of the South Florida Financial Planning Association (FPA). Russ talked about building portfolios in a world of low interest rates and longer lifespans. BlackRock is the world’s largest asset manager with $5.1 trillion (yes, that’s a “t”) in assets […]

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Quote Of The Week: “Don’t Leave The Best For Last”

We all struggle with decisions about how much to save for tomorrow, and how much to spend now. No one wants to run out of money too early, but most people don’t want to die with millions in the bank, either. One of the most important aspects of our job as Certified Financial Planners and retirement specialists […]

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Hispanic Retirees Face Serious Challenges: Longer Lives and Lower Savings

South Florida is known for, and very proud of, its diverse population. But Hispanic workers, who make up a very large part of the Florida demographic, have special concerns. Compared with many other workers, they are behind the curve in saving for retirement. “Only 26 percent of Hispanic families had a retirement savings account (compared with […]

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Keeping Your Hands Out Of The Cookie Jar

Do you hate the idea of putting money into a retirement account and then not be able to get it back out without a penalty? Well, guess what? That just might be the BEST way to save for retirement. Researchers now say that using retirement accounts that penalize you for early withdrawals  – like IRAs […]

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Quote Of The Week: More Seniors Fall Victim To Financial Abuse

“A new survey of caregivers by Allianz Life finds that 37% of seniors have suffered financial abuse. Such abuse can take the form of telemarketing scams, pressure to sign a will, or an empty promise to provide care in exchange for property. Victims of elder financial abuse lose an average of about $36,000, often to […]

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What Financial Fear Haunts Most Americans?

Over one-half of all Americans surveyed are in fear of outliving their nest egg, according to a new Transamerica study. It’s the top source of retirement anxiety for American workers. And there’s good reason for that. Most workers are not saving anywhere near enough money. Some that do save invest in all the wrong ways. […]

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Another Last Minute IRA Tip: Helping The Stay-At-Home Spouse Keep Up

For non-working spouses, it’s often a case of “out of sight, out of mind.” And what’s forgotten is their own retirement security. Once the non-working spouse is out of the workforce, they usually neglect to fund their own retirement accounts. Many people don’t realize that even if you are not holding down a job, you are eligible […]

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