russ koesterich

The Strategic Outlook From BlackRock

Russ Koesterich, Chief Investment Strategist at Blackrock, was our guest last week  at the 37th annual conference of the South Florida Financial Planning Association (FPA). Russ talked about building portfolios in a world of low interest rates and longer lifespans. BlackRock is the world’s largest asset manager with $5.1 trillion (yes, that’s a “t”) in assets […]

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robert watson 2

What’s Wrong With Washington? Gridlock, Partisanship & Fake News

Historian, book author and professor Dr. Robert Watson of Boca’s Lynn University stole the show at the 37th annual conference of the South Florida Financial Planning Association (FPA). His dynamic presentation on dueling, name-calling and all-round bad behavior in Washington made him the undisputed ROCKSTAR of the event, helping to give the 100+ financial planners in attendance […]

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Fool's Gold-Money

Is Gold Good Protection Against Inflation?

So far, inflation has been but a distant blip on the radar screen, something to be aware of but too far away to pose an immediate danger. But if inflation does raise its ugly head, what type of investments can provide you with the best protection? After all, if your portfolio can’t keep up with inflation, you’ll lose […]

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Yes, You Can Use Your 529 College Funds In Australia

We just spoke with two parents whose college-age children are rounding out their undergrad experience by spending time at a university in Australia. What a life, huh? Your first thought may be how kids today get to do all kinds of cool stuff. (I haven’t been to Australia yet so I’m positively jealous!) Your second thought may be […]

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kevin o leary

Lunching With Sharks: Mr. Wonderful In Boca Raton

Yes, that’s Kevin O’Leary aka “Mr. Wonderful” from Shark Tank, having lunch with us Friday in Boca Raton. O’Leary joined us for lunch at the 37th annual conference of the South Florida Financial Planning Association (FPA). He came to talk about his role developing the O’Shares series of exchange Traded Funds (ETFs), investment vehicles designed […]

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jetsons driverless cars

Fascinated By Self-Driving Cars? Beyond The Futuristic Cachet, 5 Ways The Financial Impact Could Be Enormous

Driverless cars are undoubtedly cool. But beyond the obvious, they could have a profound impact on our lives in ways we can’t even yet begin to imagine. Here’s 5 possible ways it could all play out: 1).  They will be much safer than what we have currently. “These systems never look down to check their text […]

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beach bike shutterstock_441207412

Quote Of The Week: “Don’t Leave The Best For Last”

We all struggle with decisions about how much to save for tomorrow, and how much to spend now. No one wants to run out of money too early, but most people don’t want to die with millions in the bank, either. One of the most important aspects of our job as Certified Financial Planners and retirement specialists […]

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Wall Street Journal Women in Finance April 24, 2017

“Show Me, Don’t Tell Me” – How To Get More Young Women Into Finance

What’s the secret to getting more young women in financial careers? At a New York event hosted by The Wall Street Journal, senior women in finance offered advice on creating equal opportunities for women, and creating a pipeline helping women advance from entry-level to positions of power. What are some of the key takeaways? “Top […]

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coffee shop 2

Hispanic Retirees Face Serious Challenges: Longer Lives and Lower Savings

South Florida is known for, and very proud of, its diverse population. But Hispanic workers, who make up a very large part of the Florida demographic, have special concerns. Compared with many other workers, they are behind the curve in saving for retirement. “Only 26 percent of Hispanic families had a retirement savings account (compared with […]

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king's crown

Quote Of The Week: You’ve Accumulated A King’s Ransom, But Can You Keep It?

“If you think accumulating a king’s ransom is difficult, try holding onto one.” Steffi Claiden,”Preserving the Family Fortune,” RealAssets Adviser, March 2017 The Takeaway: Holding onto money across generations can be an enormous struggle, says Claiden. 70 percent of the wealthy lose their money by the second generation, and 90% go bust by the 3rd generation. […]

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