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Quote Of The Week: What An Advisor Is For

“A lot of Wall Street Journal readers have told me they think hiring a financial adviser is a waste of money. I disagree. A good adviser doesn’t only manage investments but can help you save or make a fortune through better decisions on tax, estate and retirement planning, buying or selling a home or business, […]

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Take A Tip From The Rich: Keep Your Investment Strategy Simple

Don’t get conned into thinking that you have to pony up for some complicated and risky investment strategies just to make some money. Unscrupulous financial advisors who cater to wealthy wannabees would have you think you can’t be “someone” unless you invest in private equity, hedge funds, and other high-cost investment strategies. But don’t fall […]

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Quote Of The Week: States Can’t Afford The Retiree Health Benefits They’ve Promised

“U.S. states as a group have promised hundreds of billions more in retiree health benefits than they have saved up. The shortfall amounts to at least $645 billion, according to a new report from the nonprofit Pew Charitable Trusts based on 2015 data. That is in addition to the $1.1 trillion that states need to pay […]

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Ask For Our Free Guide: “How To Respond To A Data Breach”

Half of all Americans have been affected by the massive Equifax data breach, which allowed hackers to access names, Social Security numbers, and other personal data belonging to nearly 150 million people. Do you know what steps to take within the first 24 hours? How about within 48 hours? Time is of the essence when you’ve […]

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What To Do Before The Next One Hits: 5 Lessons From Hurricane Irma

What To Do Before The Next One Hits: 5 Lessons From Hurricane Irma

Irma was the most powerful storm ever recorded in the Atlantic Ocean. It killed over 75 people in Florida and caused billions of dollars of damage. Those of us in South Florida were lucky to have escaped worse. Here are 5 major lessons we learned from Irma: Lesson #1: Don’t neglect flood insurance. Roughly 80% of […]

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Scholarships Help Local Women Live Better Lives

It’s always good to give back, and twice as good when the gift is a chance to change your life for the better. Last Monday, I joined other members of the Broward Women’s Alliance to honor scholarship recipient Monica Terrazas at Fort Lauderdale’s Tower Club. Monica is finishing her M.S. in Biomedical Informatics at Nova Southeastern University. A […]

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Irma Wreaks Havoc In The Keys

We know the Keys really took a beating with Irma, and few people, other than rescue/repair crews and homeowners,  have been down in the Keys so far to survey the extent of the damage. But we’ve already seen some “before” and “after” Irma pictures like those in the South Florida SunSentinel that make us sad for […]

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Equifax Breach: What To Do Now?

As data breaches go, this is one of the most extensive. The sensitive information of almost half of all Americans has been compromised, all because the company safeguarding that information reportedly failed to upgrade and update software despite being warned to do so. To make it worse, company execs sold millions in stock after the breach, […]

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HGTV stars Drew and Jonathan Scott Show How to Redecorate That Empty Nest

When my kids went off to college, I reveled in having my home back to myself again. One of the first things I did was repaint and redecorate the kids’ rooms to make up for years of wear and tear. Of course, like many other kids, mine boomeranged back home again, but we all still […]

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Just Announced: Tax Relief For Irma Victims

Breaking News! If you’re still struggling with power outages and downed trees, here’s some welcome relief on the tax front. You don’t need to worry right away about filing tax returns that may be on extension, or making estimated tax payments due September 15. The IRS is providing help to the victims of Hurricane Irma. […]

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