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prescription costs

Wealthy See Health Care Costs As “Biggest Threat”

I was out yesterday picking up a prescription, and was stunned to see that my refill cost $168 out-of-pocket for a month’s supply. Since I refilled a $171 prescription (also out-of-pocket) for my son a few days before, I did the math to realize that two prescriptions were costing me over $4,000 per year, on top of insurance premiums, […]

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speculation bling

Investing 101: Eight Signs You Are A Speculator

One of our most important challenges is helping clients think like an investor. Without that elusive investor temperament or mindset, long-term success in the markets is difficult to achieve. But what exactly is involved in having the right temperament to invest successfully? George Sisti, a fellow Certified Financial Planner and Registered Investment Advisor, has a good idea of what’s NOT […]

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wall street

Breaking News: Schwab Rolls Out Commission-Free ETF Marketplace

In a move that will save our clients money and give us more flexibility in building low-cost, diversified portfolios, Charles Schwab & Co. just unveiled a new commission-free, no-transaction-fee ETF (exchange traded fund) marketplace. The new platform debuts with 105 exchange traded funds from leading providers including Charles Schwab Investment Management, State Street SPDR®, Guggenheim Investments, PowerShares, ETF […]

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downton abbey

Estate Planning Lessons From “Downton Abbey”

Who says television isn’t educational? Here’s a clever piece by Corey Dahl called “8 estate planning lessons from “Downton Abbey.” Writes Dahl: “The Masterpiece Theater hit “Downton Abbey” offers helpful lessons in a lot of things. … In between all the backstabbing, messy relationships and ego-fueled showdowns, the miniseries is also an in-depth tutorial on the prudence […]

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smiling cookies

Good News On The Economy

We do a lot of reading in the course of the week.  It’s important to keep our finger on the pulse of what’s new (and sometimes even exciting!) in the world of personal finance. One blog we enjoy reading is penned by Sandy Leeds, a graduate professor of business at University of Texas at Austin. He […]

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First pic w/Luminix Tim/Peggy

Client Profiles: On The Road Again

Come summer, two of our favorite clients might be checking in with us from the wilds of Alaska. Or they could be calling from the Valley of Fire in Nevada, from Yosemite, or the Acadia National Park in Maine. This retired couple has managed to do what many people only dream of, spending 6 months each summer on the road in […]

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Time To Add Emerging Market Debt To Your Bond Portfolio?

Once viewed as the Wild West of finance by many mainstream investors, emerging market debt is finally getting the respect it deserves. Corporate and government debt (or bonds) issued by emerging market countries makes up an estimated 10% of the global bond market, according to investment firm TCW Group.  Yet, the average investor has only 3% to 5% of his […]

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encouraging your child to go to college

10 Ways To Encourage Your Child To Go To College

We can’t fit them all here, but a recent Vanguard newsletter featured 10 steps you can take to encourage your child to pursue a college education. Some are obvious, others a little less so. If you have children at home of any age, please take a look at these thoughtful suggestions. (We’ve also listed at the bottom some […]

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dividends growing

Are All Dividends Created Equal?

With interest rates at historic lows, it’s no surprise that investors are turning to dividend-paying stocks as a way to supplement their income. After all, some stocks pay more income than Treasury bonds. But is one dividend-paying stock just as good as another?  Are the highest dividends always the best dividends? The answer is a […]

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spending pie chart

Quote Of The Week: Resolve To Track Your Spending In 2013

“Without knowing how much you spend, it’s virtually impossible to figure out how much you’ll need to save for retirement.” Anne Tergesen, “Seven Resolutions to Get Your Nest Egg in Shape,” Wall Street Journal, January 14, 2013 Financial Tip: Getting a handle on your spending is key to getting your finances – and your retirement […]

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