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We actively participate in a variety of  media projects with the goal of helping clients and consumers learn more about financial issues. Here are some of the recent articles to which we contributed (for a full listing, please visit our website): CNNMoney, Jeanne Sahadi, May 21, 2012, “Fiscal cliff: Market sting may come sooner” Sun-Sentinel, Donna Gehrke-White, […]

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fiscal cliff

Looking Down A Fiscal Cliff

There’s a new buzzword in Washington, and it’s not a good one.  The buzz is all about the “fiscal cliff” which we may be at risk of falling down come January 2013. What is the fiscal cliff? The fiscal cliff is the $607 billion economic contraction that will take place on January 1, 2013 as automatic spending cuts, higher […]

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Coffee Shop Owner

Small Business Owners Working Harder to Succeed

Many Americans dream about having their own business, but that independence doesn’t always come easy. To succeed in today’s “unpredictable economy,” many small business owners have had to reinvent themselves and change the way they do business over the last five years, according to the recently-released Reinvention of Small Business Study, conducted by Sage North America,  a leading provider of business management software and […]

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Europe: What You May Not Know

Europe, the European Union, and the Euro are in the news every day.  But there’s so much that the articles don’t tell you.  Here’s a sampling of often under-appreciated facts about the Europe confederation: The European Union makes up the world’s largest economy, with a population of about 500 million people and 2011 GDP of roughly $15.3 trillion (compared […]

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What You Don’t Know Can Hurt You: New 401(k) Fee Disclosure Rules

Starting in July, your 401(k) plan will have to disclose more information about now-hidden fees and charges. Plan sponsors will have until August 30, 2012 to provide 401(k) fee information directly to you, as a plan participant. The new regulations, which have been repeatedly delayed and strongly opposed by many plan sponsors, may revolutionize the 401(k) marketplace. […]

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dollars and money

Quote of the Week: Commission versus Fee Planners

As our clients know, we provide investment management and financial planning services on a fee-only basis.  We always have, and we always will. That’s because we believe that selling investments on a commission basis represents an inherent conflict of interest between what’s best for you, and what’s best for the advisor.  Since we work on a fee-only […]

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house dream

What To Expect When You’re Expecting a New Home

Real estate analysts say homes have not been this affordable since 1971, and there’s no question that mortgage rates are rock bottom. But you’ve probably also heard that today’s real estate and mortgage markets can be full of “gotchas,” endless hurdles to jump through, and unexpected twists and turns. That’s all true, but there are also some great deals and […]

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ap test taking

Florida High School Students Tops in AP

We all recognize the role of education in preparing students for productive careers and successful financial futures.  Kudos to Florida, for making serious gains in secondary education, according to Florida Trend magazine.  Rasing the educational bar helps, in turn, to improve the quality of life in the 4th most populous state and raise awareness of Florida as an attractive place […]

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party hats

Bond Party Coming To An End … Sometime

Bonds have enjoyed a strong, thirty-year bull market, but is that run soon to reach its end? The signs are certainly pointing in that direction. Interest rates have been on the decline since the early 1980s, but will eventually turn around and head up. That’s not good for bonds, as the prices of existing bonds […]

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gas prices

Investors Holding High Amounts of Cash: They’re “Safe” But Losing Ground to Inflation

Investors aren’t quite sure what they fear the most: inflation or the market. A full 60% of investors claim to be worried about inflation, and 72% say it’s important to protect their portfolio against the effects of inflation. Yet, baby boomer investors surveyed by MFS Investment Management are holding, on average, a whopping 26% of their portfolios in cash, even […]

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