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Zero Rates

Quote Of The Week: It Takes 1,400 Years To Double Money in Money Market Accounts

“Based on the prevailing yields, it will take more than 1,400 years for an investment in a money market fund to double.” Reshma Kapadia, SmartMoney magazine Financial Tip:  With today’s ultra-low rates, it’s best to hold no more cash than what you truly require for emergency or short-term needs. You’re losing money on cash once taxes […]

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Black Mortarboard and dollar

Affluent Parents “Leaving Money On The Table” When Paying For College

“Affluent parents are leaving money on the table” when it comes to paying for college, says research by investment firm Legg Mason. The main reasons? Parents neglect getting informed guidance from those who can help them, like their financial advisors, and make many planning mistakes, including failing to take advantage of tax-favored programs like 529 plans. Legg Mason’s 2012 Intergenerational Survey of College Finances documents how […]

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Access Your Schwab Accounts On The Go

Now our clients can access Schwab information anytime, anywhere. Stay connected to your money with Schwab Mobile apps, and get up-to-the-minute account information and mobile check deposit features, using your Android, iPhone, iPad, or Kindle Fire device. Ready to connect?  Just visit the Schwab Mobile website or call our office for more information!

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mother and adult daughter

Parents – At 34, Your Daughters Are Already Behind!

Parents, you undoubtedly want the best for your children. But did you know that by age 34, your daughter may already be losing the race for financial security, so far behind she may never catch up? The sobering reality By age 34, young women are already behind, having accumulated retirement savings worth only 64% of that accumulated by young men. How […]

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social security

Quote of the Week: Waiting To Take Social Security Benefits Often “Best Thing” You Can Do

“If you’re fortunate enough to be able to work longer and you don’t hate your job, waiting to claim Social Security is one of the best things you can do to improve your retirement security.” Richard Johnson, Urban Institute retirement expert, as quoted in Money magazine, August 2012. Financial Tip:  The message is getting out that it is often better […]

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globl stocks

Some Of What You Know About Investing … Is Wrong?

Funny how some of those truisms about investing turn out to be not so true. And some things that look so wrong turn out to be so right. Case in point.  Investing in Europe now is a really bad idea, right? Why would anyone invest in Europe with the sad state of the European economy? […]

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The Lowdown On Reverse Mortgages

Talk about having your cake and eating it too. Would you like to get a load of cash for your house but still stay in it and live rent-free? That’s what reverse mortgages sound like to a lot of people. But are they as appealing and risk-free as they sound? “While reverse mortgages are increasingly […]

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Quote of the Week: Money #1 Source of Marriage Conflict

Looking back, divorced people identified arguments over money as the #1 “point of conflict” in their marriages, according to Dr. Terri Orbuch, a research professor at University of Michigan, who has been researching couples’ behavior for over twenty-five years. “49% of divorced people from her study said they fought so much over money with their spouse—whether it […]

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mortgage deduction

Retirees: Paying Off Your Mortgage Could Be Big Mistake

How many times do you read in the personal finance column that the first thing you need to do in retirement is pay off your mortgage? For many retirees, that could be very bad advice. This is a great example of how theory often conflicts with reality, and those of us who practice financial planning – […]

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mom at home

Majority of Women Say They Are Now “Primary Breadwinner”

A majority of women now classify themselves as the primary breadwinner in the household, according to a new Prudential study. 53% of the women surveyed said they were the primary breadwinners in the household, either because they were single, or they earned more than their spouse. About one-third of women surveyed said they became the higher earner […]

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