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Quote of the Week: Money #1 Source of Marriage Conflict

Looking back, divorced people identified arguments over money as the #1 “point of conflict” in their marriages, according to Dr. Terri Orbuch, a research professor at University of Michigan, who has been researching couples’ behavior for over twenty-five years. “49% of divorced people from her study said they fought so much over money with their spouse—whether it […]

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Retirees: Paying Off Your Mortgage Could Be Big Mistake

How many times do you read in the personal finance column that the first thing you need to do in retirement is pay off your mortgage? For many retirees, that could be very bad advice. This is a great example of how theory often conflicts with reality, and those of us who practice financial planning – […]

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Majority of Women Say They Are Now “Primary Breadwinner”

A majority of women now classify themselves as the primary breadwinner in the household, according to a new Prudential study. 53% of the women surveyed said they were the primary breadwinners in the household, either because they were single, or they earned more than their spouse. About one-third of women surveyed said they became the higher earner […]

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Where To Get The Best Deals On Your Cash

It’s hard to believe interest rates could get any lower, and that’s hurting savers who like the safety of bank deposits. If you are looking for a home for your cash, and want to earn much over 0%, good luck. But some insider tips from The Wall Street Journal might help point you in the right direction: “An […]

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coca-cola bottles

Quote of the Week: Coca-Cola Conquers The World

“The fact the Coca-Cola Co. split its stock last week for the 11th time in its history is a testament to how huge the beverage company has become. One of the original $40 shares would be valued at $10.3 million today. In its expansion, the iconic American brand has increasingly looked abroad, selling just a […]

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Warning: Are Spa Parties Dangerous to Your Daughter’s Financial Health?

Are spa parties sabotaging your daughter’s chance of becoming the next Bill Gates or Mark Zuckerberg? If you have young daughters, or spend time with your nieces, grand-daughters, or other young girls, we recommend you read a thought-provoking article penned last week by Chelsea Emery at Reuters. In her article  Spa parties and money-smart daughters, Emery argues […]

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auto sales

Surging Car Sales: Some Good News on the Economy

It’s not all gloom and doom on the economic front. One bright spot is a healthy rebound in new auto sales.  U.S. auto sales jumped 22 percent in June.  In 2011, new auto sales were running in the range of 11 million units per year.  Now, they total over 14 million. What’s behind the sales growth?  It […]

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Understanding Your Quarterly Portfolio Performance: “Actual” vs. “Annual”

One of the most common questions we get regarding the quarterly portfolio performance reports we send to clients is to explain the difference between “Actual” and “Annual” portfolio returns. For all quarterly reports (except the final report produced at year-end), both “Actual” and “Annual” numbers are printed on the quarterly statement toward the bottom of the “Portfolio Performance Summary” […]

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retirees with grndkids

Top 5 Goals of Retirees

Middle-income retirees (those with a household retirement income of $25,000 to $75,000 per year) were asked to rank the top 5 goals they want to accomplish over the next three years.  Here’s how their top goals stack up: More travel before it’s too late, perhaps to Asia or South America Stay healthy enough to stay out of a nursing home Stay […]

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savings bonds

Tip: Checking The Value of Your Old Savings Bonds

Many of our clients, and often their children, have savings bonds tucked away in a drawer or safe deposit box.  We often get asked what’s the best way to keep track of your savings bonds.  How can you tell the value of your bonds and what interest rate they are paying?  And when is the right […]

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