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Don’t Forget To Take Advantage Of This COVID Freebie: Free Credit Reports

Here’s a freebie that every consumer should take advantage of before the offer expires. Major credit bureaus Equifax, Experian and TransUnion are offering FREE credit reports every week to consumers through April 20, 2022 to help them ease any anxiety about their financial health resulting from the COVID crisis. Normally, free credit reports from each […]

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Your Tax Picture Has Changed. How About Your Financial Strategy?

Last year, we had some major changes in the tax laws. As a result, many expenses that were deductible in prior years – like state taxes, mortgage interest, and professional expenses – are now totally eliminated or only partially deductible. So here’s an important question. Given those significant changes, have you given a once-over to […]

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Claim Your Social Security Account Before Hackers Do It For You

Imagine that you’re finally ready to claim your retirement benefits and contact the Social Security Administration, only to find out that someone has been claiming your hard-earned benefits for years, and directing those monthly checks to a bank you’ve never heard of. It can happen. Social Security is asking more American workers to request benefits […]

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Are You Saving Enough? New Retirement Limits For 2019

Did you know that the amounts you can contribute to your IRA, Roth IRA, SEP, SIMPLE or 401(k) will increase starting January 1, 2019? If you make periodic payroll or monthly contributions to your retirement accounts, you’ll need to adjust your savings amount before January 1, 2019 to reflect the higher limits. The Takeaway: Longer […]

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5-Minute Fix: Springtime Means Updating Beneficiaries On Your Accounts

OK, we made that up. But now would be a good time to do some “spring cleaning” and dust off those beneficiary designations. In fact, we’ve been doing just that. In several recent meetings, we’ve been spending time with clients to discuss and update the beneficiary designations on their accounts. You can take a few minutes […]

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What’s The Difference Between Cost Basis And Performance?

We report both cost basis and investment performance on your quarterly statements, and get many questions about the difference between the two. Here’s a quick summary: Cost basis is an accounting and tax measure, which tells you how much tax you owe when you sell an investment. Your cost basis climbs each time you reinvest […]

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Why ATM Fees Now Cost More Than Your Cup Of Joe At Starbucks

Which costs more? A cup of coffee at Starbucks (which is already not cheap) or the average ATM fee? Believe it or not, the typical out-of-network ATM fee can now set you back more than that morning cup of joe. ATM fees for out-of-network locations have hit a record average cost of $4.57 a pop, […]

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Five Minute Fix: Best Financial Moves In Your 20s and 30s

In our practice, we work with clients – and their adult children – on building strong family finances across generations. Clients want to see family wealth used as a positive force, and part of that means teaching younger generations to handle money responsibly. It’s certainly true that the choices you make in your 20s and 30s […]

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5-Minute Fix: Estimating The Value Of Your Home

If you are thinking of selling your home, your realtor can give you the best estimate of its market value. But even if you are not thinking of selling, it can be helpful to have a third-party estimate of value. Some people like to track their home value from year-to-year so they can stay on […]

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5-Minute Fix: Your Road Map To Retirement

Do you know how much you need to save each year to be on track for retirement? Don’t be worried about the exact dollars and cents.  Just being in the ballpark is good enough. It’s a good idea to figure out that number.  Know why? Of course, knowing how much you need to save each year […]

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