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David Cassidy

Finding The Happy Medium Between Today And Tomorrow

Sad news today as former Fort Lauderdale resident and Partridge Family 1970s teen heart throb David Cassidy revealed he has dementia and has stopped performing. Many of our clients and their families have suffered profoundly from this disease. Dementia devastates those who suffer from the illness and also those who care for them. This is undoubtedly one of […]

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Join Us For Our January 26th ‘Meet The Expert’ Lunch!

Questions about long-term care? Come join us for lunch on Thursday, January 26 at our offices and ‘Meet the Expert’. Our guest will be William “Bill” Dyess, one of South Florida’s most experienced long-term care experts, who is a fellow member of the South Florida Financial Planning  Association. This is a great opportunity to learn […]

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Work It Like A Marine: Secrets To Keeping Your Brain Forever Young

There’s some intriguing new research directed at answering why some people remain mentally sharp and nimble well into old age (earning them the title of ‘superagers’) while others become feeble and fuzzy-minded far too early. Is it genetics, diet and exercise, or some other mysterious factor at work? Lisa Feldman Barrett, professor of psychology at Northeastern University, studied […]

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How On Earth Did Things Go So Wrong With Long-Term Care?

Are you confused about how to solve your long-term care needs? Most people are. By long-term care, we are referring to the personal care that Americans may need as they age. Many people buy long-term care insurance policies, writes Leslie Scism in the Wall Street Journal, which “pay for personal aides and extended nursing-home stays that Medicare, the […]

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Happy 100th Birthday!

Over the weekend, I attended a 100th birthday party for a longtime client, who is still as sharp as a tack. Clearly, good genes run in that family! She was surrounded by children, grandchildren, great grandchildren, and friends, all of whom volunteered their favorite stories about times they spent together – at the beach, at home […]

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