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tahiti sailing

Sailing Off In Pursuit Of Your Dreams

Maybe it’s just a coincidence, but this past week we were presented with two perfect examples of how good planning can help you sail off in pursuit of your dreams. That photo on the right was taken by Ron and Andrea, who just returned from an incredible sailing trip exploring the French Polynesian islands of Bora Bora […]

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symphonia 2

Orchestrating A Second Act

It’s not surprising that a woman who has spent a lifetime mastering the “encore” career should be reinventing herself, yet again, as one of the behind-the-scenes supporters of Symphonia, Boca Raton’s world-class classical music orchestra. While many people see retirement as a time to slow down, Boca Raton resident Susan Kaye keeps busy by finding new […]

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woman entrepreneur 2

Starting A Business At 55+

More workers age 50+ are convinced that it’s time to take the reins into their own hands. Some feel shut out by the corporate world, victims of age bias, others just want more control over their future, or space to spread their wings. But today, many experienced workers are deciding it’s not too late to […]

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film noir

Women: Ghosts In Their Own Financial Lives

How can you live for over seventy years and not leave a trace? This isn’t a film noir about international espionage.  It’s a daily reality for some American women who, because they do not work outside the home, have no financial existence or identity. It’s a case of misguided legislative action, or good intentions gone wrong. […]

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women group t coffee

Help! My Long Term Care Premiums Went Up 44%!

Imagine getting a notice in the mail saying your annual long-term care insurance premium was going to increase a whopping 44%! That’s exactly the situation faced by one of our clients in early April. Here’s how she handled it, and why, even after the increase, she thinks her long-term care policy is a great deal. Why the rate […]

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First pic w/Luminix Tim/Peggy

Client Profiles: On The Road Again

Come summer, two of our favorite clients might be checking in with us from the wilds of Alaska. Or they could be calling from the Valley of Fire in Nevada, from Yosemite, or the Acadia National Park in Maine. This retired couple has managed to do what many people only dream of, spending 6 months each summer on the road in […]

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second career teaching

Preparing For Your Own “Act II” – One Client’s Story

Many young retirees dream about quitting their job before embarking on a second career. But fewer people are able to pull off a successful “Act II” in real life. That’s why we asked several of our clients, who have done exactly that, to share their secrets with you. Last week, we touched base with our client Kathi, […]

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continuing care community

Client Profiles: Thinking About A Continuing Care Community?

Last week, I visited one of our clients at her apartment in a continuing care community. She recently celebrated her 90th birthday and has been living independently in her own apartment for six years. But when we met last week, she told me she had made the decision to to give up some of her independence and move into the facilities’ assisted living […]

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