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encouraging your child to go to college

10 Ways To Encourage Your Child To Go To College

We can’t fit them all here, but a recent Vanguard newsletter featured 10 steps you can take to encourage your child to pursue a college education. Some are obvious, others a little less so. If you have children at home of any age, please take a look at these thoughtful suggestions. (We’ve also listed at the bottom some […]

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Think Twice Before Co-Signing Student Debt

Parents, think twice before co-signing student loans for your kids. Or at the minimum, read last week’s article in the Wall Street Journal about the financial havoc caused when kids stop paying on their loans, leaving creditors to come after already cash-strapped parents. Reports the Wall Street Journal: “After years of facing all sorts of […]

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College costs

Best College 529 Plans

We have helped many of our clients set up college savings 529 plans for their children and grandchildren.  These plans are usually the “go-to” solutions for college savings, since they offer unbeatable tax advantages and almost total flexibility in school selection. So when investment consultant Morningstar just named their top choices among the nation’s 529 plans, we […]

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electricl engineering

Best College Majors For Your Career

In a recent blog, we highlighted the worst college majors for getting a job. Now, here’s the flip side of the coin, according to Kiplinger Personal Finance magazine’s annual survey of the best majors for entering into a lucrative career after college. Says Kiplinger, “Many Millennials grew up hearing that they should study what they love. While that’s […]

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Worst College Majors For Getting A Job

College students face a dilemma.  Should they major in what they love, or what can help get them launched on a good career? If they’re lucky, it’s a little of both.  If not, they could end up with what Kiplinger magazine calls the “ten worst values in college majors,” combining twin disappointments of low pay and high unemployment. […]

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piggy bank exploding

What’s Making Boomers Go Broke: The Surprise Expenses Costing Them A Fortune

Feeling poorer?  There’s  reason for that. Baby boomers can’t get a break.  During their critical pre-retirement years, they’ve been hit hard by the technology bust, the real estate meltdown, the financial crisis, and the deepest recession since the 1930s. And to make it worse, while their real income has barely budged over the past twenty […]

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Are Millennials “The Screwed Generation”?

It’s controversial, thought-provoking and definitely worth a read, especially if you have “millennial,” or Generation Y, offspring between the ages of 18 and 35. Newsweek magazine shook people up with their July 2012 feature by Joel Kotkin called “Are Millennials the Screwed Generation? ‘Boomer America’ Never Had It So Good.  As A Result, Today’s Young Americans Have Never Had […]

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young adult credit

6 Steps To Help Young Adults Build Good Credit

We were recently asked by a client how their young adult child could start building a good credit record. That’s an excellent question.  Parents should realize that learning how to use credit responsibly is important for their child, and it’s good to start early to build a good credit rating (the longer your child has had credit in their name, […]

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college cost

Boomers Shifting Cost Of College To Kids

Among our clients, even the well-off are cutting back on what they are willing to shell out for college. This isn’t because parents or financial planners like us have lost faith in the power of higher education. In fact, since our doors first opened for business almost twenty years ago, we have never stopped stressing the critical […]

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