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Talking to Your Aging Parents About Money Issues

Many of our clients have aging parents and are often concerned about how they will meet the challenges of daily life – managing their finances, caring for their home, getting basic errands done – while still feeling independent and in control. Author Glenn Ruffenach explores some of these issues in his May 7, 2012 SmartMoney article “Talking to Mom About Alzheimer’s […]

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6 Out of 10 Americans Say They Need Financial Planning Help

6 Out of 10 Americans Say They Need Financial Planning Help

Personal finance is a top priority for most Americans, but six out of ten say their financial planning efforts need improvement, according to a new Northwestern Mutual survey. The survey asked over a thousand Americans whether they were “moving in the right direction” in areas such as debt, savings and spending, and whether they could […]

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In the News

We actively participate in a variety of  media projects with the goal of helping clients and consumers learn more about financial issues. Here are some of the recent articles to which we contributed (for a full listing, please visit our website): Kiplinger, Kim Lankford, May 2012, “Navigate a Course for Long-Term Care” Sun-Sentinel, Donna Gehrke-White, May 1, 2012, “Is 15% […]

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Quote of the Week: Scheduling Annual Checkups With Your Financial Advisor

“Annual or quarterly meetings tend to be a staple of the adviser-client relationship. Many advisers say these meetings are critical—that they can’t effectively help their clients with finances if they don’t have regular checkups.” Jaime Levy Pessin,  The Wall Street Journal, January 9, 2012, “Getting Clients to Take Action“

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Long-Term Care Policies That Really Paid Off

If you have ever had a family member or loved one who needed long-term care, you know how expensive that care can be. While premiums can be high, some purchasers of long-term care insurance get many times their money’s worth back in benefits, according to claims data compiled by the American Association for Long-Term Care Insurance. […]

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Hindsight Bias, Or "I Knew It All Along"

Hindsight Bias, Or “I Knew It All Along”

Speaking last week at an investment conference, behavioral finance expert Dr. Richard Thaler of the University of Chicago warned listeners how hindsight bias can play havoc with your investment strategy. In simplest terms, hindsight bias is “the tendency to remember that our forecasts were better than they really were” or the “I knew it all along” […]

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Simple Isn’t Always Better (At Least For Bonds)

One of the questions we get asked from time to time is why we don’t just buy one bond index for the bond or fixed-income portion of client portfolios, and call it a day.  Wouldn’t that be easier and cheaper, some clients ask? Yes, it probably would be easier (only one bond investment to buy) and cheaper (an […]

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Quote of the Week: Caregiving Often Falls to Women

“The average caregiver in 2009 was a 49-year-old woman who had a job outside the home and spent nearly 20 hours per week providing unpaid care to her mother, according to a 2011 AARP Public Policy Institute study.” Emanuella Grinberg, CNN, April 9, 2012, “Caregiving for loved ones the ‘new normal’ for boomers” We hosted a […]

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“Planning for Retirement? Plan to Live to 100”

“Planning for retirement? Plan to live to 100” Do these headlines fill you with dread (Oh no, please tell me I won’t still be around at 100!) or excitement (Great! More time to fit everything in!)?  Take a moment to follow this link to a thought-provoking article by Robert Powell, “Planning for Retirement? Plan to live to 100,” posted April […]

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Common Investor Mistakes: Guilty as Charged?

It’s always a pleasure to run across an article written by another investment adviser that makes us nod our head in agreement.  Here’s a perfect example. Rick Salmeron, an adviser in Texas, wrote a short article about common investor mistakes for Dow Jones Adviser.  It’s written, of course, from the investment adviser’s viewpoint, and sums up […]

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