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Tips To Tell Zika To Buzz Off

Always worth repeating here in South Florida, especially for our family, friends, and neighbors who are expecting, and who are understandably very anxious. Here’s top tips put together by the Sun-Sentinel to fight Zika.  

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alzheimers 2015

Can You Lower Your Risk Of Alzheimer’s?

Many people are aware that Alzheimer’s disease is a leading cause of death in the United States. At present, it has no cure. Almost everyone knows someone whose life has been affected by Alzheimer’s … a friend, a parent, a spouse. So you may want to take a look at a free new app on the web called BrainSalvation […]

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toddlers chaos

Quote Of The Week: Taking Care of Aging Parents Harder Than Managing Small Kids

“Taking care of aging adults is more draining than taking care of small children for most people, according to a study by Northwestern Mutual released Monday. Sixty percent of those surveyed say caring for two aging adults is more demanding than caring for two children ages 3 to 5.” Karen DeMasters, “Americans Aren’t Prepared To […]

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alzheimers super foods

“Miracle-Gro for the Brain” – Super Foods That Help You Avoid Alzheimer’s

Many of you know that our team participated last month in the 2015 Boca Raton Walk to End Alzheimer’s, which raised over $247,000 in total for research and treatment of this tragic disease. By the way, Alzheimer’s is the disease that people over age 25 say they worry about most—more than cancer, stroke, heart disease, diabetes and […]

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active retirees

Shop Smart For Medicare

Now’s your once-a-year opportunity to save money on Medicare. It’s the “Medicare Annual Enrollment Period” from October 15 to December 7 — your chance to review your Medicare choices and make changes for next year. “This is the time of year when everyone on Medicare can reevaluate features of their contracts to see if they’re getting the best coverage […]

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cleaning with gloves

Quote Of The Week: Americans Would Rather Clean Toilets Than Pick a Health Plan

“Most people spend less than 30 minutes researching health benefits.  Working Americans would rather clean their inboxes or toilets – and even do their taxes – than pick a health care plan.” Janet Levaux, Editor in Chief of Research Magazine, “Some Americans Would Rather Clean Toilets Than Pick a Health Plan: Survey,” Think Advisor, September 22, […]

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get happy 2

Quote Of The Week: Retire & Get Happy

“Retirement, contrary to popular opinion, is not the time in which your satisfaction with life declines and your health deteriorates. Instead, it’s the exact opposite. Retirement improves both happiness and health. Life satisfaction improves immediately upon retirement, and people are happier after they retire.” Robert Powell, August 1, 2015, for MarketWatch, based on just-released research […]

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Another Good Reason Not To Put Off Saving For Retirement

It’s no surprise to learn that many Americans are behind on saving for retirement. But they shrug it off, rationalizing that they’ll deal with the shortfall by just working longer. But unfortunately, life doesn’t always work out the way they’ve planned. Here’s what happens – in real life – to these not so carefully laid plans. 50% of […]

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finish line marathon

What If You Can’t Make It To The Retirement Finish Line?

I was talking with a journalist the other day for a story on how to prepare for those last ten years before retirement, from age 55 onward. We had covered all the main points when she asked me, “Well, but what happens if you get laid off or have to quit unexpectedly before you reach age 65?” […]

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Women: Don’t Neglect Your Most Important Investment

“It’s easy to lose sight of your most important investment,” says Terri Sloan, New York relationship expert and social coach. What is it? “You, of course,” says Terri. Investing in your social relationships and what makes you happy is an integral part of your well-being. It’s especially important for women who are single, divorced, or widowed, […]

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