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Raising Financially Responsible Kids

Ask any parent what they really want for their kids, and they’ll tell you they want them to be happy. If they could ask for two things, parents would probably say they also want their kids to be financially self-sufficient so they don’t need to struggle or go without. We recently spoke with journalist Alina Tugend […]

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Does It Still Make Sense To Invest Overseas?

It’s hard to love international stocks lately. Their performance has been a drag on portfolios, leading some investors to ask whether it would be better to focus on U.S. stocks only and leave foreign stocks out of the mix. The short answer is that investing in foreign equities is still important for a healthy, diversified portfolio – one that will […]

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Financial Hall Of Shame: Free Lunches Can Cost You A Bundle

You’ve heard the saying that there’s “no such thing as a free lunch”? That’s especially true when it concerns your hard-earned money. Financial regulators say free lunches can pressure seniors into making “unsuitable, even fraudulent investments.” Financial and insurance companies, brokers, and other salespeople use free lunches to lure older Americans into high-pressure investment pitches. Afterward, older investors may feel […]

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Want To Cut Investment Costs? Muni Bond Mutual Funds Often The Best Choice

We’ve discussed with clients why we prefer investing in municipal bond mutual funds rather than individual municipal bonds or municipal bond ETFs (exchange traded funds). Municipal bonds are tax-free investments issued by state and local governments. We think muni bond mutual funds are superior for several different reasons (we discussed a few in our previous article Investment […]

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Should You Sell When The Market Hits New Highs?

Frequently, when I speak with a person sitting out of the market with lots of cash, they express concern about investing when the market is at or near new highs. That’s a valid point. Who wants to invest and then see the market slump? Of course, there’s are also some obvious problems with that “Waiting […]

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Investing 101: Why Cash Is More Risky Than You Think

Many investors with high cash holdings are “underinvested” in stocks, bonds and other long-term investments. If you’re sitting on the sidelines, now’s the time to make a plan to put your money to work for you. The prudent solution is to gradually move money into a diversified portfolio. With longevity and inflation risks on the […]

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Investments 101: Understanding What “Fee-Based” Really Means

Consumers are often confused about the terms used in the investment industry. Sometimes it’s not their fault. Unscrupulous practitioners deliberately use misleading terms in an attempt to appear something they’re not. “Fee-based” is a great example of that. Why we think fees are better than commissions Those of us who charge fees (as opposed to […]

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