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Investors Holding High Amounts of Cash: They’re “Safe” But Losing Ground to Inflation

Investors aren’t quite sure what they fear the most: inflation or the market. A full 60% of investors claim to be worried about inflation, and 72% say it’s important to protect their portfolio against the effects of inflation. Yet, baby boomer investors surveyed by MFS Investment Management are holding, on average, a whopping 26% of their portfolios in cash, even […]

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Women & Philanthropy: Changing the Face of Giving

Focus on Women & Philanthropy I had the pleasure of attending the 4th annual “Women & Philanthropy” forum in Washington D.C. earlier this month.  Sponsored by George Washington University, the conference brought together a distinguished panel of women philanthropists, including keynote speaker Nancy Brinker, founder of Susan G. Komen for the Cure. The purpose of the meeting was to discuss the […]

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air tickets

Saving Money On Air Fares

This blog article was contributed by our Client Service Associate Melissa Grochal. Thank you, Melissa, for letting us know about this great way to save money on airline tickets! Earlier this year I began researching flights to Boston for my brother’s graduation.  When the available flights were more expensive than I had hoped, I found an […]

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In the News

We actively participate in a variety of  media projects with the goal of helping clients and consumers learn more about financial issues. Here are some of the recent articles to which we contributed (for a full listing, please visit our website): Kiplinger, Kim Lankford, May 2012, “Navigate a Course for Long-Term Care” Sun-Sentinel, Donna Gehrke-White, May 1, 2012, “Is 15% […]

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caregiver and mother

Did You Miss Our Luncheon Seminar on Caregiving?

Did you miss the Thursday, April 19 client luncheon we hosted on caregiving featuring special guest Knyvett Lee?  Knyvett is Executive Director/CEO of CareSource, a not-for-profit social services agency in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, and is an expert in care management, guardianship and elder advocacy. Knyvett and I first met about twenty years ago when I was a Trust Officer for a South […]

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bond certificate

Simple Isn’t Always Better (At Least For Bonds)

One of the questions we get asked from time to time is why we don’t just buy one bond index for the bond or fixed-income portion of client portfolios, and call it a day.  Wouldn’t that be easier and cheaper, some clients ask? Yes, it probably would be easier (only one bond investment to buy) and cheaper (an […]

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live to 100

“Planning for Retirement? Plan to Live to 100”

“Planning for retirement? Plan to live to 100” Do these headlines fill you with dread (Oh no, please tell me I won’t still be around at 100!) or excitement (Great! More time to fit everything in!)?  Take a moment to follow this link to a thought-provoking article by Robert Powell, “Planning for Retirement? Plan to live to 100,” posted April […]

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Common Investor Mistakes: Guilty as Charged?

It’s always a pleasure to run across an article written by another investment adviser that makes us nod our head in agreement.  Here’s a perfect example. Rick Salmeron, an adviser in Texas, wrote a short article about common investor mistakes for Dow Jones Adviser.  It’s written, of course, from the investment adviser’s viewpoint, and sums up […]

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Men vs. Women: Who is the Better Investor?

It’s the financial version of Mars vs. Venus.  Men and women have different styles when it comes to money.  But which gender’s skills translate into better investment results?  We all know it’s a gross oversimplification. But researchers do say that, in general, men and women display different money behaviors that affect the way they spend, […]

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Social Security

Preparing for Retirement? A Financial Advisor Can Help

We all know what a critical time retirement can be.  Today’s retirees may spend thirty years or more not working.  That’s a heavy burden to place on your nest egg.  Take out too much, and your savings will run out.  Take money from the wrong account, and you’ll pay for it at tax time.  That’s why […]

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