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The Happy Medium Between Spending vs. Saving

Our clients, like most Americans, try to do the right thing. They understand that the responsibility of saving for retirement is squarely on their shoulders, and they struggle to put money aside month by month, year by year. But where’s the happy medium? How much should they save (or can they save) for the future if […]

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A Revealing Look At Why Middle America Has Little in Savings

Why so many Americans in the middle class have no savings Over 40% of Americans are financially unprepared to come up with the cash they may need in a crisis, leading researchers to call them “financially fragile.” That realization led writer Neal Gabler to talk to PBS NewsHour about how, despite his career as a successful […]

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Paying Too Much For Your Car Loan? Check Your Credit Score

Think you’re paying too much for your car loan? Your credit score could be the culprit. The key factor affecting your car loan rate is your credit history, says Eileen Ambrose, writing for AARP Bulletin. “Consumers with excellent credit scores of 740 or higher receive the best rates for financial products,” says Bethy Hardeman, chief […]

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The Secret To Retirement: Is It How You Invest, Or How Much You Spend?

At our firm, we start the year by reaching out to clients to review their investment objective and see if any changes are in order. We find this a useful exercise to make sure clients’ portfolios properly reflect their goals and changing needs. Your investment objective summarizes your overall portfolio goals (like “growth,” or “growth and income”) and provides […]

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How A Higher Credit Score Can Spice Up Your Love Life

We all know that keeping your credit score in pristine shape gives you access to low lost loans and credit offers. But did you know it might also help your love life? Anne Kates Smith reports in Kiplinger Personal Finance that people with higher credit scores tend to have better luck at forming committed relationships […]

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Cuba: 90 Miles Away And Getting Closer By the Day

What is it like inside Cuba today? Our former colleague Lisa Green just returned from a People-to-People visit to Cuba, so we asked her to share some of her experiences and photos with us, and with our clients who are interested in Cuba or planning to visit over the coming year. As a refresher, Americans are not […]

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Why The Passing Of Icons Like David Bowie, Alan Rickman, And Glenn Frey Should Be Your Wake-up Call

Here’s some advice you don’t expect to get every day from your financial planner. Go spend some money. We have a lot of conversations with clients about how long their money needs to last, and what amount is safe to spend each year without running out too early. But there’s another side to the story, and that’s helping […]

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Quote Of The Week: The Real Way To Make Money

“The stock market should not be viewed as a way of making money. Working is how money is made—saving and investing is how it’s kept.” E.J. Smith, “Teach a grandson how to invest,” Young Research and Publishing, Inc. This serves as a reminder to advisors and clients alike that the greatest impact on your ability to […]

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Quote Of The Week: What The Financial Crisis Taught Us

“One of the best lessons (of the financial crisis) was the concept that borrowing can be dangerous. Just because some bank is willing to lend you a lot of money to buy a house or will extend to you a giant credit card limit, does not mean that you should take it.” Jill Schlesinger,  CFP® and Emmy-nominated […]

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Underspenders: Here’s How To Get More Pleasure From Your Money

Almost 1/3 of retirees deny themselves small splurges that they could easily afford. Here’s how to get more pleasure from your money: We spend a lot of time warning retirees about overspending. You’ve all heard of the 4% rule of thumb? That means you can pull 4% from your retirement savings each year and not run out […]

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