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child math class

Want Your Kids To Understand Money? Hint: Think Math Class

“It’s time to rethink how we teach children about money,” says Charlie Wells for The Wall Street Journal. Financial literacy programs in school don’t seem to work. “Most children still grow up into adults who can’t properly save, spend and budget,” claims Wells. But new research shows there is one school subject that does help […]

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money throw away

Leaving A Job? Don’t Cash Out The 401k

Leaving your job? Whatever you do, don’t cash out your 401(k) and spend the money. Unfortunately, that is a very common mistake made by younger workers. According to a study by Fidelity Investments, 41 percent of plan participants ages 20 to 39 cashed out a 401(k) when leaving their job last year, the highest of […]

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girl scouts

Quote Of The Week: Teaching Girls The Most Important Lessons

“I was shocked when Anna Maria Chávez, CEO of Girl Scouts USA and a fellow member of the President’s Advisory Council on Financial Capability for Young Americans, stated at our inaugural meeting that while Girl Scouts earn $800 million a year selling cookies, only 12% feel confident about making money decisions.” Beth Kobliner, “5 Money […]

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Dinner table 1960s

It All Starts Around The Dinner Table

Last week, I did a media interview on how our young millennial women are already behind when it comes to money. Research is showing that, right out of the gate, young women are making less than male colleagues. Fewer women than men are saving for the future. Those that are saving, are saving a lower percentage of their salary than […]

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teens shopping

U.S. Students’ Financial Literacy “Painfully Average”

U.S. teenagers ranked “painfully average” in a just-released world ranking of financial literacy skills. American 15-year-olds’ placed between eighth and 12th compared to over 29,000 students in 65 countries across the globe. The test scores were from the high profile Programme for International Student Assessment, or PISA, for short. “We certainly were disappointed, but not surprised,” says Ted Beck, CEO of […]

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adult kids at home

8 Tips To Keep Your Adult Children From Sinking Your Retirement

It’s almost time for you to retire.  You’re supposed to be footloose and fancy-free, enjoying life in a way you could only dream of when you were clocking in at the old 9-to-5. But there’s something between you and that long-awaited life of leisure. Something that might sabotage all your best-laid plans. Something sucking up your […]

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farnoosh tornabi

When She Earns More: How To Make It Work?

In about one-quarter of all marriages in this country, the woman is the primary breadwinner and outearns her husband or partner. Needless to say, that can change the traditional family dynamics about who takes care of the kids, makes the financial decisions, and plunks down the credit card at the end of a dinner out. For insights into this […]

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first job

Handle With Care: College Debt Dings Young Adult Wealth

$64,700 Average net worth of U.S. households headed by a young, college-educated adult without any student debt obligations. $8,700 Average net worth of U.S. households headed by a young, college-educated adult with student debt obligations. The Takeway: This confirms what we already know. Investment in higher education can be the best investment you ever make, if you […]

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college financial aid

The Secret To More College Merit Aid

Last week, our summer intern Blake Edwards wrote about how he managed to tame the out-of-control costs of out-of-state college, and reduced his tuition bills to put them on a par with in-state schools. His strategy was to apply to schools where he would place at the top of the talent pool, and admission counselors would have to […]

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college grad with parents

Breaking News! Florida Prepaid College Participants Getting Big $$ Refunds!

Have you heard the news? The check soon will be in the mail! Recently enrolled participants in the Florida Prepaid College Plan will be getting sizable dollar refunds, and future Prepaid contracts will drop $20,000 or more in price. The Florida legislature just reduced future state college costs, which impacts future and existing Prepaid contracts. Many […]

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