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7 Little Known Facts About Long-Term Care

No one can dispute that long-term care is a huge and growing need.  Last year, some $6.6 billion in long-term care benefits was paid to about 200,000 individuals. Here are some interesting facts about long-term care that you may not know, based on an analysis of more than 160,000 claims paid by a leading insurance company in 2011: 1).  […]

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Have We Come Such A Long Way, Baby?

Did you know that women account for less than 8% of all financial advisors in 2012, according to data from Cerulli Associates? Firms like ours, which are women-owned and run, are a small minority in the financial services industry.  After surveying the gender breakdown in the industry, claimed to be “shocked to see such a low […]

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Smart Tax Moves Before Year-End

Our clients know that toward the end of each year, we review non-retirement portfolios looking for opportunities to harvest capital gains and losses.  This year, that task will have a heightened importance, as capital gains tax rates are likely to rise next year from their historic lows. At present, capital gains tax rates range from a low of […]

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Why Don’t Women Save As Much As Men?

Why don’t women save as much as men? A recent study conducted by two researchers at the University of Wisconsin tried to answer that question. They interviewed state government employees to discover why women working for the state of Wisconsin have lower amounts saved in their retirement plans than men. In fact, women have only 70¢ in their […]

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Higher 401(k), IRA Contribution Limits in 2013

You can put more money in your IRA and 401(k) accounts next year and get bigger tax deductions. Before year-end, make sure to change your payroll deduction instructions for 2013 to take advantage of the higher limits. For 2013, the IRS just announced higher contribution limits for a range of retirement plans and gifts. Traditional IRA […]

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Client Profiles: Thinking About A Continuing Care Community?

Last week, I visited one of our clients at her apartment in a continuing care community. She recently celebrated her 90th birthday and has been living independently in her own apartment for six years. But when we met last week, she told me she had made the decision to to give up some of her independence and move into the facilities’ assisted living […]

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Americans “Winging” Financial Decisions

Many middle-income Americans tend to “wing it” when making complex financial decisions, which has led to some expensive mistakes, says a recent study by the Consumer Federation of America and Primerica Inc. 67% of Americans surveyed said they have made at least one “really bad financial decision.” On average, that mistake cost them $23,000, although some people reported making […]

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Growing Numbers Of Singles At Risk In Retirement

The facts are in.  Single people are more at risk financially than couples unless they make an extra effort to prepare on their own for retirement. The traditional two-parent household is in decline Here’s the backdrop.  American demographics are changing.  Single people, and single parent households, make up an increasing percentage of American households. One […]

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How Smart Are Smart Phones?

More than a few of our clients are having a tough time fitting all of their “needs” and “wants” into their budget. And that raises some big questions. What happens when our growing appetite for “wants” like smartphones, on-demand entertainment and other personal technology crowds out “needs” like healthcare and saving for retirement? The ever ballooning […]

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Quote Of The Week: Taming The Cost Of Health Care In Retirement

Carolyn McClanahan is both a physician and a financial adviser. When asked by clients how to prepare for health care costs in retirement (estimated on average to cost $240,000 per couple), she urges them to focus on what they can control – their own lifestyle choices.  Here’s her advice for clients:  “I have no idea what health […]

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