Florida Prepaid College Plan Now Open For Enrollment

(Florida Prepaid Website)

If you’re looking for an affordable way to lock in college costs for your kids or grandkids, without ever having to worry about the ups and downs of the market, take a good look at the Florida Prepaid College Plan.

It’s open for new enrollment with prices guaranteed through April 30.

Plan sponsors advertise the Florida 529 Prepaid Plan as the “tax-free, risk-free and worry-free way to save for college.”

It’s a fact that all Prepaid Plans are guaranteed by the State of Florida, so you can never lose your investment.

Prepaid benefits can be used at in-state, out-of-state, public or private schools around the country and across the globe. Your child will qualify for in-state tuition rates even if you move out-of-state before college starts. Benefits are locked in regardless of what tuition prices or the market does.

New plans start for as little as $45 a month. You can check out the online Prepaid Plan pricing calculator to research different plans and pricing options, or click here to read more about all the benefits of a Prepaid Plan.

Financial Planning Tip:  The Florida Prepaid is a great way for Florida residents to start saving for college. If you have the means to save more, you can layer a 529 college savings plan on top of the Prepaid Plan for additional benefits. Visit the Florida Prepaid site to learn more about the differences between the Prepaid Plan and a College Savings Plan, or ask us which might be the best fit for you. One important distinction: while the Florida Prepaid is guaranteed by the State of Florida, the Florida College Savings Plan – and other similar 529 savings plans – are not, so talk to your financial advisor before you invest.


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