Shhhh! The Secret To Landing That First Job

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Having an internship in college really does help you land your first job.

Parents, worried how your college student will land that first job after graduation?

After four years of hard work, thousands of dollars in tuition, and loans just waiting to be paid back, the fear of not finding gainful employment is a major stressor.

So here’s a secret you can pass on to your college student son or daughter.

It’s not about the grades, and not necessarily about the major.

So what is the secret ingredient that can help your grad clinch that first, perfect job?

It’s an internship.

“Employers now give nearly twice as much weight to graduates’ work experience as to their academic credentials,” according to the Wall Street Journal. Half of all employers surveyed would like to see an internship on a student’s resume. Nowadays, about 35% of students reported having an internship or a job related to their field of study.

“We try to impress on students how phenomenally important it is that they complete at least one internship, and preferably several,” says education expert Katharine Hansen, Ph.D.

At one Texas University, students who completed one internship during college were more likely to find full-time employment over those that did not. As students participated in more internships, they improved their odds of receiving full-time employment, as reported to the  Huffington Post. Their conclusion? “Students who complete internships gain valuable career contacts and experience within the industries of their choice.”


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