Who’s The Best? These 529 College Savings Plans Are, According To Morningstar

Investment research experts at Morningstar have announced their winners for Top 529 College Savings Plans for 2019.

You’re probably familiar with 529 plans. These are great ways to save for college for your kids or grandkids. Your money grows tax-free, and withdrawals are tax-free as well when used to pay for college expenses. That makes for a dynamic combination ensuring your money grows as fast as possible.

Morningstar singled out 30 best-in-class 529 plans in total, ranking them Gold, Silver and Bronze.

The best plans have low expenses (so your money goes farther), good administrative support, and well-designed investment options.

We’re pleased to see that our favorite 529 plans – those we recommend most frequently to clients – are top-ranked by Morningstar.

They agree that these plans offer an amazing way to save for college, and can help you trim the high cost of higher education.

The Takeaway: If saving for college is one of your goals, talk to us or take a look at Morningstar’s list of stellar 529 plans. For most people, 529 plans are hands-down the best way to save for college, offering unbeatable tax, administrative and investment benefits.

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