Keep It Safe!

Cybersecurity training for employees helps us keep you safe!

That’s our Associate Client Advisor Anthony LaBrake CFP®, leading last week’s employee training on cybersecurity. Our goal: keep you and your assets safe!

In the news this week: more hacks at a major retailer. How can you protect yourself?

Here’s some important tips to keep you safe at home: 

  • Use complex passwords mixing letters, numbers, capital letters and symbols.
  • Use software tools to manage your passwords.
  • Don’t reuse passwords across sites, so if one is hacked, that same password won’t let someone access other accounts.
  • Don’t fall for hack attacks over the phone (like the “IRS” calling to say you owe money). Hackers can “spoof” caller ID systems. Just because the caller ID system says it’s the IRS, or anyone else, doesn’t mean it’s true.

Got questions? Give us a call. We’re happy to help out in any way we can to keep you safe!

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