We’re Off To Vegas!

It’s not what you think.

We’re not off to catch the shows or try our fortune at poker.

It’s actually a major conference for accounting and finance professionals, and we’re heading there to learn what’s new with cutting-edge financial planning strategies and potential tax and estate planning initiatives Congress may have in store for you.

We’ll come back with a fresh take on what’s ahead for the rest of the year, and how we can apply those insights to help you refine your money strategy for the rest of 2021.

What to expect

We may be a little slower than normal responding to your phone messages and emails from Monday, July 26 through Thursday, July 29, as we will be working remotely and attending conference sessions.

We will be back home and on a normal schedule on Friday, July 30.

About Mari Adam

Mari Adam, Certified Financial Planner™ has been helping individuals and families chart their financial futures for over twenty-five years. Have a question about your financial situation? Ask Mari!


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