Five-Minute Fix: Checking Your Social Security Benefits

Remember that earnings statement you used to receive every year from the Social Security Administration?  Unfortunately, it’s gone the way of the dodo in an effort to save money on postage.

Nowadays, that statement is mailed only to workers nearing retirement age.

Everyone else will need to visit a new Social Security website to obtain their own earnings statement.  According to the Social Security Administration, the site is so popular that over the last two months one million people have gone online to create a My Social Security account and view their Social Security Statement.

Here’s a five-minute fix to help you use the new website and get the most from your Social Security benefits:

  • Visit the site,, to create a password-protected account. Once you have an account, you can access your Social Security Statement and information at any time.
  • Make a point of going online at least once per year (for example, at each birthday) to request a Social Security Statement.
  • The Statement provides an estimate of your potential Social Security benefits.  If you are a client of our firm, please print out a copy and send it to us, so we can factor it into your retirement projections.
  • On the website, you can also verify that your year-by-year earnings have been accurately posted to your Social Security record.  It’s always worth double-checking, as this will affect your future Social Security payouts.



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