Is Your Teen Learning To Drive? Free AAA Benefits Make It Less Scary

aaa teen drivers

Do you have a teenager getting ready to take the road? Visit for information and free resources for parents and teen drivers.

For many parents, there’s nothing scarier than the moment their teenager gets behind the wheel.

Many of our clients have learned that having a teenage driver in the house can be nerve wracking – not to mention expensive!

Every parent worries about their kids when they’re starting to drive. And the costs – insurance, gas, car payments – can really start to pile up once they get their license!

So here’s a valuable free benefit you may not know about.

AAA members can get a free teen membership when their kids receive their learner’s permits.

“Whether teen members have a flat tire, run out of gas, lock themselves out of the car, or have a dead battery, they can call AAA Roadside Assistance to get them back on the road safely. And since AAA covers the members in any car, teens will have the same safety net even when they’re riding in a friend’s car,” says AAA.

That can give every parent some peace of mind.

For more great information and AAA resources for teen drivers, visit

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