It’s The End Of An Era For This Influential Personal Finance Magazine

After almost five decades in print, there are huge changes in store for Money magazine.

Money magazine, a mainstay of personal finance, is shutting down its print publication and going to digital only.

It’s following in the footsteps of other leading publications like Time, Fortune, Seventeen and Sports Illustrated, that have terminated their print versions in favor of digital-only distribution.

Sad, huh? Money started publication in October 1972 as a division of Time Inc.

Money and other magazines like it thrived during the era as personal finance and investing issues caught on with American consumers. The Internet Age, however, has made it hard for print publications of all types – whether daily newspapers or monthly magazines – to survive.

The Takeaway: We’re always in favor of bringing more personal finance content and education to the American public. However, former Money editor-in-chief Diane Harris said it best in a column written last year.

It’s not just the factual information inside magazines like Money that makes you a better consumer. It’s the simple act of planning for the future that makes you financially stronger. Research shows that households who maintained an emergency fund and saved regularly were four times more likely to be financially healthy than other families. Merely making more money didn’t lead to significantly better results.

It’s the thinking and planning ahead for the future that moved the financial needle, and that’s what many personal finance publications tried to support over the years. No surprise; that’s what we live and breathe every day as we work with our clients and people like you who read our blog.

So whether you get your financial and lifestyle information in print, or over the Internet, here’s to many more years of good information and good decision-making ahead!

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