Over 2 Billion Personal Data Records Hacked In 2014

cybersecurityDid you know that January 28 was Data Privacy Day? That’s a good reminder to brush up on steps to keep your personal and financial information safe.

There were over 2,144,583,675 records lost to data breaches in 2014, says Mint.com.

Yes, that’s with a “B” for billion.

Hackers have an eye on your financial and other private data, so take steps to keep it safe:

  • Make passwords more hack-resistant.
  • Use a different password for each account, to help limit damage if one account is breached.
  • Use a mix of letters and numbers in your passwords to make them harder to hack.
  • Be especially careful opening email attachments or clicking on advertisements online.
  • And of course, use firewalls, anti-virus and other standard protections.

Want more tips? Visit Mint.com.

Most importantly, says Mint, beware of people calling or emailing to verify personal data, credit cards or account numbers. Financial institutions will never contact you that way.


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