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This blog article was contributed by our Client Service Associate Melissa Grochal. Thank you, Melissa, for letting us know about this great way to save money on airline tickets!

Earlier this year I began researching flights to Boston for my brother’s graduation.  When the available flights were more expensive than I had hoped, I found an easy way to save extra cash using

If the price of your flight drops below what you paid, Yapta helps you get a refund for the difference. You start by registering your flight information on the free website. Yapta will automatically send you an email alert when prices drop, along with instructions for claiming a refund.

The only catch: some airlines charge a processing fee for tickets.  However, it can still be worthwhile if the potential refund is greater than the processing fee. Typically, the refund comes in the form of a voucher from the airline to be used for future travel. After receiving an email alert with a price drop, you usually need to follow up within the next day, as many price drops don’t last long.

In my case, I purchased my Boston flights through JetBlue, which will issue a refund without charging any processing fee.  After a quick phone call to JetBlue, I received a $40 voucher towards future flights.

AirTran charges a $75 processing fee, and American Airlines, Delta Air Lines, United Airways, and U.S. Airways all charge a $150 processing fee to change flights. 

Yapta also offers another free service through their website; before you buy, they will send you price alerts to help you know when to book your flights to get the best value.  Just let them know where you want to travel and they’ll do the rest.

I hope this is information is helpful to price-savvy passengers so they can get the best deals before or even after booking a flight.  Happy traveling!

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