Using This Windows Operating System? Your Computer Could Soon Be Attacked

Almost half of all desktop computers in the U.S. are reportedly using the Windows 7 operating system. Windows 7 was introduced in 2009, replacing the unpopular Windows Vista system, and won fans due to its ease of use and reliability.

Fast forward 10 years, to 2019.

Windows 7 is still a huge hit with consumers and small businesses, but there’s a problem, and it’s a big one.

Microsoft has announced that after ten years, it’s phasing out the popular Windows 7 operating system, and will no longer issue Win 7 security updates after January 14, 2020.

Without those updates, your Windows 7 computer could soon be exposed to malicious cyber attacks and viruses.

To protect yourself, your operating system, which acts as the “brains” of your computer, should be updated or replaced with a Windows 10 operating system before the deadline.

You may recall that old computers running the defunct Microsoft XP system were exposed to damaging malware once they were put out to pasture by Microsoft. Don’t leave yourself unprotected with Win 7!

The solution: Ask your IT professional to update your system to Windows 10 before the deadline, or better yet, get a totally new device (prices have come way down). Not sure what operating system you have? The steps to check your version differ on each computer, so check Microsoft support, Wikihow, or just Google “What version of Windows do I have?” for instructions. Mac users? No need to worry. Mac systems are not affected.

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