Valentine’s Day: Who Says Love Don’t Cost A Thing?

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Love can cost you on Valentine’s Day.

Who says love don’t cost a thing?

Here’s 5 things you should know about Valentine’s Day.

(Hint: It’s big business.)

1).  The average U.S. consumer spends over $116 on Valentine’s Day.

2).  The top five gifts exchanged on Valentine’s Day (some people buy more than one):

  • Cards 52.1 %
  • Candy 47.5 %
  • Dining/Eating Out 34.6 %
  • Flowers 34.3 %
  • Jewelry 17.3 %

3).  And speaking of jewelry, you can do your Valentine’s Day shopping at Jared, Kay Jewelers and Zale, but they all are part of the same company, Signet Jewelers. Signet is the largest specialty jewelry retailer in the U.S., U.K. and Canada. The different divisions target different consumers and price-points.

4).  Overall Valentine’s sales in the U.S. top $13 billion dollars each year.

5).  And men, beware: 53% of women say they would “end the relationship” if they don’t get something for Valentine’s Day.

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