Worst College Majors For Getting A Job

College students face a dilemma.  Should they major in what they love, or what can help get them launched on a good career?

If they’re lucky, it’s a little of both.  If not, they could end up with what Kiplinger magazine calls the “ten worst values in college majors,” combining twin disappointments of low pay and high unemployment.

Says Kiplinger, “not all college majors are created equal. In fact, grads with certain majors  sometimes fare worse in the labor force than workers who stopped studying after  high school.”

Ouch! That could hurt, especially if you had to borrow money to pursue the major of your dreams.

On the theory that forewarned is forearmed, here’s Kiplinger’s list of the top 10 worst majors for getting a well-paying job.

  1. Anthropology
  2. Fine Arts
  3. Film and Photography
  4. Philosophy and Religious Studies
  5. Graphic Arts
  6. Studio Arts
  7. Liberal Arts
  8. Drama and Theater Arts
  9. Sociology
  10. English


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