Security Alert: Fraudulent “Phishing” Email Attack

Warning: Beware fake emails targeting Schwab clients

Security Alert:  Clients should be alert to an ongoing, large-scale “phishing” campaign in which clients may receive fraudulent emails that appear to be from Schwab.

Schwab has advised us that they are currently responding to a phishing attempt in which clients are receiving emails that appear to be sent by Schwab’s fraud and security departments.

The fake emails provide a link to a legitimate-looking Schwab website and prompt clients to provide personal information and a copy of their government-issued ID.  Schwab reports that there are several variations of the email, many with “Important Notice” typed in the subject line.

Schwab wants its clients to know that it would never ask them to provide sensitive or personal information by email, and warns that these “phishing” emails are not communications from Schwab. Schwab is working diligently to have all websites linked to the attack shut down immediately.

Here’s what to do if you believe you have received one of these emails: 
  • If you have any reason to suspect that an email may be fake, do not open it.
  • Understand that these emails were not sent by Schwab and are not affiliated with Schwab in any way.
  • Do NOT click links within the email and do NOT provide any personal information in response to the email.
  • Forward to Schwab or to us a copy of the email as an attachment, if possible.
  • Be assured that is no indication that Schwab’s systems or Schwab accounts have been compromised in any way.
  • Feel free to call us with your questions or concerns.

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3 Responses to Security Alert: Fraudulent “Phishing” Email Attack

  1. David E Baker CPA August 7, 2018 at 10:15 am #

    I have a Charles Schwab phishing email that I would like to forward to you. Unlike many of your competitors, I have been unable to locate an email for any purpose on any of your web sites. I am attempting to help you with spam.

    • Mari Adam August 7, 2018 at 3:03 pm #

      Hi David: Thanks for the feedback! If you do have a phishing email that is meant to appear like it comes from Schwab, please forward the message to Thanks!

    • Stephanie Ross August 17, 2018 at 4:16 am #

      Agreed after 30 minutes of searching I never found a clear forward email for Charles Schwab. Stumbled upon this tiny little response in a vast ocean of searches. Please Charles Schwab make your fraud information easier to find. The victims of phishing don’t have an hour to search around. I’m trying to help you track down the scammers. I certainly won’t use Schwab for my retirement now!

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