It’s Not Your Imagination. Scammers Now Targeting Your Cell Phone

(Image: Jan Vašek/Pixabay)

Scammers have a favorite new way to try to steal your money. They are increasingly targeting your cell phones and reaching out via scam text messages.

This year, Americans received 31 spam calls and 19 spam texts in an average month.

Men are more likely than women to lose money via phone scams, according to a recent Truecaller/Harris PollAnd surprisingly, while seniors are often targeted, young people aged 18-44 are the most common victims of phone scams.

Favorite scam themes include phony vehicle warranties, overdue bills, Medicare and IRS scams.

One of the best ways to defend yourself: Use a spam blocker on your phone. You can get blocking tools for free from your mobile carrier, or use a third-party app.

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