“Phishing” For Dollars: Watch Out For This IRS Hook

I found three separate phone messages waiting for me at home last week.  Each message claimed to be from the IRS warning me about my “last chance” to pay up.

Wait a minute!

Why is the IRS calling me if I don’t owe them any money?

And since when does the IRS do the “dialing for dollars” routine?

Folks, these are “phishing” phone calls. They’re from scammers, not the IRS.

Several of our clients have reported receiving these calls, and it can be very frightening to think it’s the IRS on the line.

So please make sure to read IRS guidelines on how to handle these calls via this link.

The IRS guidance tells you what to do if you receive phone calls, correspondence, or emails that appear to be from the IRS. How can you tell what’s fake and what’s real?

The IRS site provides samples of IRS “phishing” emails so you know how to recognize the fakes.

The Takeaway: Please remember to stay safe out there in cyberspace, even when it looks or sounds like it’s the IRS on the line!


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