#WFH Is Saving Americans 60 Million Hours Each Day. So What Are They Doing With The Time?

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Can you figure out where the time went?

Due to COVID lockdowns, Americans saved 60 million hours each and every day so far this year by working at home and not commuting to and from work.

So how did they spend all that time they saved? Reading? Cooking? Gardening? Hobbies? Netflix?

60 million hours saved each day. So where did it all go?

Here’s the sad truth. Most of that time went into putting in extra hours at work, according to The Wall Street Journal.

Researchers estimate that over 22 million of those “found” commuting hours each day were spent working more hours from home.

More than 9 million hours each day went to home improvement and chores. 7 million hours went to childcare, and 5 million hours went to second jobs, for a total of 43 million hours. Each and every day.

The remainder – or about 18 million hours each day – went into true leisure activities like exercising, watching TV or just relaxing.

The future of work after the pandemic

The study, which was conducted by researchers at the University of Chicago, was based on experiences of the almost 150 million Americans working for pay, with an average commute time to and from work of 54 minutes.

Previous academic research has suggested that workers based at home are indeed more productive and spend more time working.

The researchers behind the current study conclude that “it isn’t clear to what extent working from home will persist” after the pandemic, although they estimate that about 20% of total workdays will be spent at home, compared with 5% before the pandemic.

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