Boomers’ Advice: From “Don’t Trust Anyone Over 30” To Joining AARP

AARP sexiest women

How things change: Boomers have gone from not trusting anyone over 30 to voting for AARP’s sexiest female celebrity boomer.

The last wave of baby boomers is inching closer to retirement.

Many of the oldest boomers (like Bill Clinton or Candice Bergen) are already well into retirement, getting ready to turn the big 7-0 next year.

But the youngest boomers (think actors Sandra Bullock or Nicolas Cage) are now only 51, and still have a way to go before calling it quits at work.

Two-thirds of these younger boomers are apprehensive about retirement, and admit they have financial concerns about their financial future.

When surveyed by the Million Dollar Roundtable, an association of financial professionals, these younger boomers offered up some financial advice for their peers.

Here’s a sampling:

What they would cut to save more $$$ for retirement:

Eating out

What debt they want to pay off first:

Credit card debt

Best way to prepare for retirement:

Contributing to their workplace retirement plan

What’s their biggest financial concern:

Not setting enough aside in their emergency savings fund

What makes them feel most financially secure:

Having no debt


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