Bye Bye Ozzie And Harriet

nuclear family 1955

Nuclear family, circa 1955

Did you ever watch The Adventures of Ozzie and Harriet?

The show was on TV until 1966, according to Wikipedia. It starred the real-life musical Nelson family – dad Ozzie, mom Harriet, and sons Ricky and David – and still personifies the typical (or stereotypical) nuclear family of the 1950s.

As a “late boomer” coming of age in the late-60s and 70s, I remember shows more along the lines of Gilligan’s Island or The Brady Bunch (which – if we were writing a Ph.D. dissertation on the subject – we might say were actually foreshadowing the coming trend of blended families and non-traditional communities).

Anyway, when we think “family,” many Americans still think of the traditional mom, dad, two kids configuration of the 50s, and it seems much of society is still geared to serve the needs of that audience.

But the truth is that we have moved far, far away from that reality.

“The classic nuclear family – mom, dad, and young kids – now represents about 20% of American households, down from 40% in 1970,” says Money magazine.

“In the meantime, blended families, single parents, same-sex couples, and unmarried partners are all on the rise.”

What that means to us, as CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ professionals., and to you, as the people we advise, is that there is no cookie-cutter solution to life’s financial challenges, and in fact, no one set of financial or life goals that we all share.

Your situation, your goals, your challenges – are all unique to you. And our solutions need to be customized to you as well. What works for Client A may not work for Client B.

That makes our days wonderfully diverse, and it seems that we are always discovering something new as we work with real-life clients. It’s the appeal of providing customized financial advice to the person sitting at the table with you. The more we learn about you, the better we can help you and your family, however you define that word.

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