Florida High School Students Tops in AP

We all recognize the role of education in preparing students for productive careers and successful financial futures.  Kudos to Florida, for making serious gains in secondary education, according to Florida Trend magazine.  Rasing the educational bar helps, in turn, to improve the quality of life in the 4th most populous state and raise awareness of Florida as an attractive place to live, invest and do business.

47.4% of Florida high school seniors now take an Advanced Placement exam, the highest percentage in the nation.

Earlier this year, The Economist magazine reported on reform measures that led to improvement in Florida’s schools, saying “its schools were among the nation’s worst in 1999 and are now among the best.”

Florida universities rank 6th in the nation in the number of doctoral degrees awarded, yet in terms of cost, the state ranks 45th, with the lowest tuition of all but five states and the District of Columbia.

Florida also received the nation’s top score from the non-partisan National Council on Teacher Quality for its “trailblazing” policies to promote teacher effectiveness and performance.  Each state is measured on the “policies it sets for teacher preparation, licensure, evaluation, career advancement, tenure, compensation, pensions and dismissal.”  Florida received kudos for its annual teacher evaluations placing heavy emphasis on measured student achievement.

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