For All Those Parents Who Tell Their Kids Not To Play Video Games …

Screenshot of NBC interview with 16-year old Fortnite winner, who is taking home a $3 million prize

On Sunday, Pennsylvania teen Kyle Giersdorf, 16, beat out 40 million Fortnite players worldwide to become the first world champion of the Fortnite World Cup and score a $3 million prize.

While his parents are undoubtedly thrilled with his success, they say they do limit the hours he’s allowed to play videogames at home and insist that he keep his grades up if he wants to continue gaming.

In an interview with the NBC Today show, his parents also say they stress the value of education.

“As talented as he is, I’ve always said, there’s a 12-year-old that’s coming up that’s gonna have the same skill sets and that’s gonna be better, and by the time he’s 25-30, I don’t want him working at a fast-food restaurant,” his father says.

As for Kyle, he says: “(I’ll) save the money, put it to my future and probably buy a new desk.”

Congratulations, Kyle, and all the other winners!

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