How A Higher Credit Score Can Spice Up Your Love Life

hearts and moneyWe all know that keeping your credit score in pristine shape gives you access to low lost loans and credit offers.

But did you know it might also help your love life?

Anne Kates Smith reports in Kiplinger Personal Finance that people with higher credit scores tend to have better luck at forming committed relationships and then staying in them. It seems it might boost their “trustworthiness,” an important quality in any relationship.

On the flip side, those with lower credit scores are more likely headed for a stay at the Heartbreak Hotel. That’s understandable. We already know that money stress is a leading cause of relationship stress.

And here’s a hint to finding Mr. or Ms. Right.

If your credit scores are similar, whether on the high or low side, you’re more likely to be a good match for each other. Try to have a financial heart-to-heart sooner rather than later to see if your money habits and values are compatible.

Of course, that may be easier said than done. Kates Smith reports that 22% of couples wait until they’re engaged to bare their financial souls, and Haven Life insurance company claims two in five Americans have secret debt or secret assets their partner doesn’t even know about.



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