How Does Divorce Affect Your Social Security Benefits?

divorceIt’s estimated that nearly half of marriages end in divorce. Clients nearing retirement age may wonder how a previous marriage could impact their Social Security benefits. After all, for most people, Social Security is the largest source of retirement income.

Typical questions include:

How much can I receive from my ex-spouse?

If I receive benefits based on my ex-spouse’s records, will it reduce his/her Social Security benefit?

What if I remarry?

We just received a helpful new two-page guide explaining how divorce and remarriage affect your Social Security benefits, and outlining your benefit claiming options, prepared by Boston-based Pioneer Investments.

If you would like to see what benefits you might be entitled to, just send an email to our Client Services Associate Rachael Grattan ( to request a .pdf copy of the guide.  We’re more than happy to share it with clients and blog readers. And thanks to our contacts at Pioneer Investments for shedding light on this important topic!


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