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We actively participate in a variety of media projects with the goal of helping clients and consumers learn more about financial issues.

Here are some of the recent articles to which we contributed (for a full listing, please visit our website):

Sun-Sentinel, Donna Gehrke-White, August 12, 2012, “Some boomers to their mortgage: ‘Til death do us part'”

Why retirement today doesn’t always mean paying off the mortgage.

Yahoo! Finance, Craig Guillot, June 25, 2012, “Inflation Makes Big Incomes Smaller”

The magical “six-figure” salary has been a benchmark for financial success since the 1980s, but now with inflation, it doesn’t go as far as it used to., Donna Gehrke-White, July 30, 2012, “5 Reasons To Stash Cash”

Why it still makes sense to stash several months worth of expenses in an account that pays almost zero in interest.

Sun-Sentinel, Donna Gehrke-White, July 16, 2012, “5 Ways to Get Off to a Good Financial Start After Graduation”

Five tips to spend and save prudently after you graduate from high school or college and start a new job.

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