Quote Of The Week: All My Successes Came From Failures

barbara corcoran“All my great successes in life were born on the heels of failure.”

Says Barbara Corcoran, pioneering female entrepreneur who turned a $1,000 investment into a $5 Billion real estate company in 20 years. She is featured on NBC’s TODAY Show where she comments on business trends, and is an investor/shark on ABC’s hit Shark Tank.

I had the privilege of hearing Barbara speak last Thursday in Palm Beach Gardens at the “Decades of Excellence” conference sponsored by the National Women Business Owners Corporation. Barbara is an absolutely phenomenal speaker – funny, inspiring, and very down-to-earth.  Her message: when life knocks you down, just get right back up.

“I was fortunate in that I was raised by a mom who raised 10 children on a shoestring budget, with hardly enough money to feed us all,” she said.

In a Wall Street Journal interview, she talked about how “she was prompted to start her own company when her boyfriend, with whom she started her first real-estate office in the 1970s, dumped her for the firm’s secretary. His greatest gift? “He said to me, ‘Barbara, you know you’ll never succeed without me,’ ” she recounted. “That for me was my insurance policy to succeed for the next 17 years.”

We are extremely proud that our own firm, Adam Financial Associates, has received national certification by the National Women Business Owners Corporation (NWBOC) as a woman-owned and woman-controlled business.  Fewer than 8% of comparable firms in our industry are owned by women, according to data from Cerulli Associates.



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