Quote Of The Week: Alzheimer’s Is Third Deadliest Killer

alzheimers“Alzheimer’s may be the nation’s third-most deadly killer, according to a study that suggests many more Americans die from the disease than is known.  As many as a half-million people in the U.S. are killed by Alzheimer’s each year, or about five times more than the 83,494 now cited on death certificates.”

“The findings should increase urgency to spend more on research on an illness that’s becoming more common as the population ages,” says Bryan James, the lead author and an epidemiologist at Rush University Medical Center in Chicago. It already costs more than $200 billion a year to care for patients with the disease, he said.”

Michelle Fay Cortez,  Alzheimer’s Estimated to Be No. 3 Killer Disease in U.S. , March 6, 2014, Bloomberg News

The takeaway:
Researchers say there is of yet no effective treatment or prevention for Alzheimer’s disease. But there are definite steps you can take to protect yourself from the financial devastation of Alzheimer’s.

Start preparing for your own long-term care needs by buying long-term care insurance, investigating continuing care communities, setting aside funds to cover your care, or making other arrangements that work for you, your family, and your lifestyle.

Alzheimer’s does not affect everyone, of course. But our clients who have parents with Alzheimer’s know first-hand how exhausting and expensive it can be.

Clients Richard and Michelle (names are changed) incur expenses of over $8,000 per month for his father, who was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s several years ago.

Greg and Diana care for both their 90-year-old mothers, who live with them in their home. While they are able to use adult day care on a limited basis during daylight hours, their entire lives revolve around the care of two aging women with Alzheimer’s. Now entering into their own retirement years, they’re not able to travel or enjoy leisure activities like other retirees their age due to their caregiving responsibilities.

Until researchers find a way to cure or prevent Alzheimer’s, we find most clients tell us they want to plan ahead for their own care, and that of their loved ones, so they can enjoy their independence as long as possible and don’t become burdens on their children.

When you’re ready to explore your own care options, please call on us so we can help you work out a plan that meets your needs.

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